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Waterford Spraoi festival launches ‘prism’ experience from tomorrow with all eight nights sold out


Spraoi street arts and spectacle company will present ‘Prism’

Spraoi street arts and spectacle company will present ‘Prism’

Spraoi street arts and spectacle company will present ‘Prism’

A unique tent-like structure that will host live music, dancers and an aerialist among others is the final installation in Spraoi festival's new event layout. 

The preview night for the finale, called ‘Prism’, takes place tomorrow night at Waterford Courthouse and it will officially launch on Monday and run for seven nights. 

All eight nights including tomorrow are sold out and it is expected just under 200 people who managed to nab the free tickets will take to the outdoor event each night to enjoy the experience. 

The famous Spraoi international street arts festival underwent a radical overhaul this year.

It traditionally takes place over three days of the August bank holiday weekend, drawing thousands of people into the city.

“This year we broke up the component parts and made new component parts into three different pieces which we call the season,” director of Waterford Spraoi TV Honan explained.

"The first one was two weeks ago which we call ‘City Spraoi’ which was about 60 performances in Waterford City of small acts around the street.

“The last week for four days we were out at five sites along Waterford greenway with three shows at each site each day.

“So over those four days we had another 60 performances. And the week to come is the finale of the season and it’s called prism.”

The prism is an innovative open-sided tent-like structure that is made from forestry poles and is 9m high, 16m wide and 30m deep.

“The audience stands around the perimeter and the performers are inside,” Mr Honan said.

“It’ll be performed at night, and both the structure and the courthouse will be illuminated and make a really dramatic setting for the performance.”

All the music for the performance has been composed by Mark Graham of King Kong Company.

"He has composed seven pieces of music and the starting point of each is a colour of the prism,” Mr Honan said.

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"So there's a blue, red, yellow etc, piece of music and as each of those is played dancers, spoken word artists and an aerialist will perform two individual strands of the music.

"As a finale piece all seven colours will unify and the entire structure will turn into white light as is what happens when you put those seven colours together.

“We are taking the prism idea and making it manifest through performance.”

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