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Wednesday 26 June 2019

WATCH: 'A feast for the senses' - National Geographic's immersive symphonic show premieres in Limerick

National Geographic’s spectacle Symphony for our World will have its European premiere in Limerick.

Irish audiences will be treated to a 90-minute immersive symphonic experience presented on two of the largest HD screens in Europe.

Imagery is made up of 130 years of beloved National Geographic history of the world’s most incredible wildlife spectacles - from ice diving foxes in Canada, to hammerhead sharks maneuvering their way through the Indian Ocean.

Eanna ni Lamhna, well-known environmental commentator and wildlife enthusiast, commented on the show:

"There is great interest in how wildlife live in each different ecosystem on earth and this show follows living things from the depths of the ocean all the way to the skies above with glorious images.

"The musical performance enhances the whole experience. Making footage like this is becoming more and more difficult as we humans continue to over-exploit the planet we all share.

"Enjoy watching it and appreciate the fragility of these ecosystems which are so rapidly being adversely affected by our lifestyles."

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