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Mikel Murfi

Mikel Murfi

Mikel Murfi

A lighthearted examination of the marriage game and general jiggery-pokery are all promised in Lennox Robinson's 1928 comedy The Far Off Hills. It will have very fresh life breathed into it in a new production under the direction of Mikel Murfi starting a nationwide tour next Thursday in Sligo's Hawkswell Theatre. hawkswell.com

2 Ardee Baroque festival is a great opportunity for music lovers from Louth and beyond to indulge in music of the 17th and 18th Century. With composers ranging from Bach, Handel, Telemann and Scarlatti, performed by Baroque specialists, this year's elegant programme takes place this weekend in St Mary's Abbey. createlouth.ie

3 Apparently there are about 40 days left until a certain birthday celebration. Why not buy good and buy local this year and stock up at the fifth Craft and Design Festival in Ballymaloe? Taking place today and tomorrow, the festival gathers more than 100 of our best craft professionals together. ballymaloegrainstore.com

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