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Review: Alan Carr, Olympia Theatre, Dublin


Alan Carr

Alan Carr

Alan Carr

Alan Carr is best known as the inimitable host of the highly successful Friday night Channel 4 series Chatty Man. Yet less than a decade ago, the Northampton born Carr was just another promising up and coming comedian slugging it out on Manchester's comedy circuit.

Some comedians completely turn their back on live stand up as soon they make a break into television. Graham Norton is a perfect example of the ultimate TV animal. But Carr seems compelled to write and tour new material incessantly and will tour his new show Yap, Yap. Yap! until Christmas.

It comes as little surprise that Carr is a born natural onstage, walking on and immediately quipping that he'd like to get married. He turns down the vocal advances of one lady in the audience by saying, "You're not barking up the wrong tree, you're in the wrong forest love."

Despite his sexuality and camp demeanor, Carr does not make being gay an integral part of his act, or as he has put it himself, "I don't talk about being gay and I think what better equality for gays than that?"

Carr expertly delivers an evening of extremely pleasant anecdotes with a keen eye for a delicious one-liner, such as likening himself in a wet suit as looking like "a Teletubby at a funeral."

However, Carr's celebrity isn't quite enough to keep things ticking along. A routine about going on safari with his Mum meanders unnecessarily and doesn't really go anywhere.

It gets much better when he retells a famous incident about when Carr and tap dancer Lionel Blair saved a man from drowning on Blackpool pier, which in itself is a priceless mental image. It exemplifies Carr's immense likability and the fact that he is a very decent guy.

A few more tweaks and improvements and Yap, Yap, Yap! really will have them rolling in the aisles.

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