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Introducing: Artist Jason O’Ceannobháin – ‘The whole point of wildlife art is to bring nature indoors’


Jason O’Ceannobháin

Jason O’Ceannobháin

Jason O’Ceannobháin

Age: 39.

From: Dublin, now living in Celbridge.

Passion for animals: “I was drawn to foxes from a young age. It’s their unique movement, something in their eyes and the colours — magnificent reds with the white chest,” says Jason. In his first solo exhibition, Áilleacht Nádúrtha (Natural Beauty), at The Kildare Gallery, his acrylic paintings capture the spirit of the animals — foxes, red stags and horses.

Inspired by nature: “The whole point of wildlife art is to bring nature indoors. It’s nice to bring that sense of calmness into people’s lives,” says Jason. In Celbridge, wildlife has been a big part of his life. “I was always looking at the characteristics of each animal.”

Detour: Jason has a degree in art and animation but, after college, he worked in construction. Finally, he came back to his true passion — art.

Commissions: “Social media changed everything. I get commissions from all over the world. People send me photos and I do charcoal portraits. I do a lot of horse portraits, too. I was commissioned by the Association of Irish Racehorse Owners (AIRO) to do their champions — head-and-neck portraits. They have a massive connection with their horses, so I had to do them justice.” 

The Kildare Gallery, Carton House, Maynooth, Co Kildare. See thekildaregallery.iejocartstudio.com, Insta @jocartstudio

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