Thursday 21 November 2019

Exhibit A: Edmond Byrne's 'Emotion Landscape'

Edmond Byrne, Emotion Landscape
Edmond Byrne, Emotion Landscape

There is something almost unearthly about the way light passes through these glass sculptures by Dubliner Edmond Byrne called 'Emotion Landscape'. Or, to give it its full title, 'Emotion Landscape 3a - 3f', as this is part of a series that Byrne is working on, addressing themes connected specifically with neurobiology. For this work, Byrne used 3D MRI brain scans of people reacting to emotional stimuli, capturing their neural activity associated with happiness, sadness, fear, anger and disgust. The resulting intricate glass pieces are intended to represent these emotions as closely as possible, through clustering processes and colour selection.

"I'm interested in how our minds interpret emotions - a combination of culture and memory which converge from different areas of the mind," says Byrne. "In the Emotional Series, I stack vessels inside each other to combine different qualities of glass. They represent the five primal emotions: fear, happiness, sadness, anger and disgust. Emotions come from multiple parts of the mind and, in my work, this is represented by the combinations of vessels and surfaces and the illusive spaces in between."

These pieces feature in the new Portfolio exhibition at Solomon Fine Art ( Byrne's pieces are displayed alongside over 60 works by such glass artists as Róisín de Buitléar, Peadar Lamb, Alison Lowry and Peter Young. This exhibition also marks the launch of a new gallery space at the entrance of the Westbury Hotel, just steps from the Solomon's existing gallery. Here's hoping this new gallery is a permanent addition.

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