Monday 23 October 2017

'Come say your s*** to my face' - Sheridan Smith goes on late-night Twitter rant after cancelling third West End Show

Sheridan Smith
Sheridan Smith

Sasha Brady

Sheridan Smith has lashed out at online trolls in a string of expletive-leaden tweets after pulling out of a third performance of Funny Girl in London's West End.

The actress came under fire after pulling out of her performance on Tuesday night at London's Savoy Theatre in Funny Girl, a role that she has been winning rave reviews for.

It's the second consecutive performance that the Cilla star has cancelled, after pulling out of Monday's show.

The Savoy issued a statement on Tuesday confirming that the 34-year-old actress was "indisposed" and would be replaced by her understudy Natasha Barnes.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to vent their disappointment and some online trolls took aim at the actress.

One wrote: “Is Sheridan Smith starving, homeless or disabled? No she’s just a nutcase loose canon who needs to get on and do her job. Pathetic.”

Sheridan was quick to reply and tweeted: “Sat behind your computer u little geek, love to see what u look like. Come say your s*** to my face & let’s see what happens.”

She then told another, in a since deleted late-night tweet: “Please come have this debate with me face to face instead of hiding behind your p***y.”

She later assured her followers: “I love you who have my back, beyond belief. Sorry x.”

On Monday night, after cancelling her Funny Girl performance, Sheridan took to Twitter to apologise to her fans but blamed the media being negative towards her as her decision for pulling out of the show.

She tweeted, “Well done press! U let down me, the cast & everyone who spent money to see me. I apologise profusely! Sorry! Sorry I’m not strong enough!”

This came less than two weeks after a performance was cancelled half way through, which producers said was down to "technical difficulties".

Sheridan had earlier denied speculative reports in the press that the performance of Funny Girl had to be stopped early because she had been drinking and allegations that Sheridan had been slurring her words on stage.

A spokesman for the actress has said that the allegations were "categorically not true".

On Sunday night's Bafta awards, host Graham Norton included a quip about Sheridan in his opening monologue in response to rumours that she had reportedly slurred her words during the opening of her show Funny Girl on the West End.

Norton said, "We're all excited for a couple of drinks tonight.  Or as it's known in theatrical circles, a few glasses of 'technical difficulties'."

The actress was not impressed by the joke and neither were her fans, who also took to Twitter to slam Norton. 

The actress also responded on Twitter to a story alleging that she had been a sore loser at the Baftas, writing: "Why watch me & not the show????? Weird."

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