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‘Battered and beaten’ Flatley insists that next Irish shows will be his last

Michael Flatley is ready to take his final bow. The ‘Lord of the Dance’ star has confirmed that his starring role in his new show next year will be his final public performance before an Irish audience.

The Cork-based Irish American will perform the final two acts of ‘Lord of the Dance – Dangerous Games', which gets its world premiere at Dublin's O2 arena next March.

“This old body of mine is beaten and battered from |all the years dancing in shows,” the 55-year-old said.

“I don't think I could attempt to dance an entire show. But the lure of this new show opening in Dublin before an Irish audience was too much and I just had to be involved. I couldn't resist it.

“I wanted to do the final two big numbers myself and it will be my last time performing in Ireland.

“I feel really strong, really well but there is no way I could get through an entire show. My body is writing cheques that my legs can't cash anymore. But I am really buzzed about the new show.”

The star said his final O2 performance would also take on special significance because he hopes his father (87) and son (7) will be in the audience on the opening night. Michael St James has never seen his father dance in a show premiere.

Mr Flatley said: “We are going to get Dad over for the Irish show. It is a dream for me to have my 87-year-old father beside my seven-year-old son in the audience. For me, it is what life is all about... three generations together.

“I owe everything really to Irish audiences, to the Point and to the late Jim Aiken, who showed faith in me in booking my first show.

“I have had an incredible career, an incredible journey and I just wanted to say thanks to people for everything over the past 20 years or so. I have been truly blessed.”

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It will open at the O2 in Dublin on March 27 before switching to the Odyssey Arena in Belfast on March 29.

Tickets for ‘Lord of the Dance – Dangerous Games' will go on sale next Monday.

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