Friday 22 February 2019

'Amy was just blown away by my part in Hamlet', says Amy Huberman's brother Mark

Mark Huberman
Mark Huberman
Ian Begley

Ian Begley

AMY Huberman is said to have been "blown away" by her brother's performance in the opening performance of Hamlet at the Gate Theatre.

The 39-year-old actress was there to support Mark as he played Horatio, Hamlet's most trusted friend.

The Gate's highly-anticipated and sold-out production stars Love/Hate actress Ruth Negga in a unique gender shake-up of the title role.

Mark (37) said the opening performance on Thursday evening "couldn't have gone any better".

Amy Huberman
Amy Huberman

"It's been a long, vigorous journey, but I'm delighted to say all my hard work paid off," he said.

"It was my first Shakespeare play, and although it may seem like an extremely daunting endeavour, the support of my fellow cast members and director made me feel completely at ease.

"It was great to see Amy in the audience. It's so lovely to have her attend my shows because she's so supportive and it's always nice to have a familiar face in the crowd.

"At the same time, it's a little nerve-racking to see a family member because it puts added pressure on you to do your very best.

"I'm delighted that my sister enjoyed herself - she told me afterwards she was blown away."

Despite there being two actors in the family, Mark said there was never any sibling rivalry.

"As far as I can remember, Amy has supported me throughout my career and is always delighted to see me do well," he said.

"The same goes for myself. My sister will always be number one in my books."

On hearing that Negga was to appear in the production, Mark jumped at the chance to audition.

"Playing alongside Ruth is just remarkable, she's a force of nature and just so hard-working," he said.

"With someone like that it's hard not to do your absolute best - she's very inspiring.

"I thought her being cast as Hamlet made the play even more interesting and engaging.

"Gender shake-ups in Shakespeare plays have been a thing since they were first performed, so I don't think there was anything unusual about it."

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