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Monday 21 January 2019

Al Porter must address allegations of sexual misconduct before comeback, says comedian Oliver Callan

Al Porter. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Al Porter. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Ian Begley

Ian Begley

Comedian Oliver Callan has said Al Porter should directly address allegations of sexual misconduct before he makes a public comeback.

His comments came following Porter's brief return to the stage in The George pub earlier this week.

Impressionist Callan believes the statement that Porter issued in November was "pompous" and did not cast much light on the claims made against him.

"His apology probably did more damage than anything because he came across as very pompous and very arrogant," he said.

Oliver Callan
Oliver Callan

"They were really the words of someone who had lost the run of themselves.

"It's not the Al Porter I remember meeting as an intelligent, bright, bouncy chap from Tallaght."

Former Today FM presenter Porter (24) stepped away from his TV, radio and stage roles nearly five months ago amid allegations he had been sexually inappropriate.

He said at the time: "While my conduct, which had been in keeping with my flamboyant and outrageous public persona, may be regarded as offensive and unacceptable by many people, I at no time intended to upset anyone.

"Although I cannot comment on specific allegations at the present time, I nonetheless sincerely apologise to anyone I may have genuinely offended."

Asked if he would like to see him return to the stage, Callan said: "Only Al can decide that himself.

"I believe in the idea of redemption - nobody should be written off altogether.

"But to get back into the public eye, you need to face point-blank the allegations made against you publicly."

'He is entitled to a private life' - Al Porter makes brief return to the stage at The George bar in Dublin 

Details of Porter's three-minute appearance on stage on Easter Monday began to circulate on social media on Tuesday.

The George released a statement saying he was there in a personal capacity and agreed to tell some jokes after he was picked out at random in the Win, Lose or Drag quiz event.

Porter also released a statement saying he was enjoying "a rare private night out with friends".

Callan was speaking at Ireland's first Kellogg's pop-up cereal cafe for the launch of Kellogg's GAA Cul Camps 2018.


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