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Al Pacino admits being wowed by Oscar Wilde's play Salome

Al Pacino has revealed he was blown away by Oscar Wilde's play Salome, which he saw in London many years ago.

Al Pacino’s Oscar Wilde double bill of Salomé and Wilde Salomé was broadcast in cinemas across the UK and Ireland this weekend.

However, the legendary Hollywood actor says he was not familiar with the play when he saw it originally.

"I was very taken by it as I was sitting watch it on stage," he said. 

"Stephen Berkoff did the production adn I was really enamoured by it and I thought, when I was watching it, that whoever wrote this play - I didn't know it was Oscar Wilde, I wasn't familiar with Salome before I saw it, and it was unlike everything he had ever done - I thought I'd like to meet this person.  I believe this person is a prophet of some sort.

"I was hearing things I had never heard before in theatre, and seeing things I had never seen, and I read down the programme and I realised I couldn't meet him because it was Oscar Wilde."

The original play sees the titular Salomé, daughter of King Herod, cultivate an obsession with John the Baptist, leading to dancing, pining and beheading.

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