Tuesday 19 March 2019

The X Factor to politics: Leon from Gogglebox’s best bits

The TV favourite has died aged 83.

Leon and June Bernicoff
Leon and June Bernicoff

By Joe Nerssessian, Press Association

From considering auditioning for The X Factor to insulting David Cameron, Gogglebox’s Leon Bernicoff endured a colourful stardom on the Channel 4 show.

Labelled the “grandfather of Gogglebox” by its creator, Bernicoff sadly died on Saturday aged 83 after a short illness.

Take a look at some of his highlights during his and wife June’s four years on the programme.

:: Leon hits out at David Cameron

Quite vocal in his dislike for the Conservative Party, Bernicoff once said of the then-PM: “You’re no good as Prime Minister, you fat-faced Tory.”

:: Handsome Leon

Seen recording his voice phone message by the Gogglebox cameras, Bernicoff saved his message as: “This is handsome Leon – I can’t take your call now because I’m making love to June. Sorry about that. Bye.”

:: Telling June he would take care of her if she was ill

Watching an emotional scene on Coronation Street in which one character was dying, June told her husband she would not want him to see her if she was seriously sick. He told her: “I will never allow you to have any problems, I’ll look after you. You won’t go in a home I’ll keep you with me.”

:: His take on The X Factor’s Honey G

Watching the controversial act, Bernicoff said he could match her. He told June: “I could go on and say ‘Leon B, Leon B everybody loves Leon B’.”

:: His love of food

The couple were often snacking while watching TV with Leon once telling June: “There’s three people in this marriage. You, me and the fridge.”

The retired teacher and his wife June were one of the first couples to join the show’s cast when it launched in 2013.

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