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The Six New Words of 2013


The world's first Papal selfie.

The Oxford English Dictionary words of the year have just been announced.

We list them below – with an explanation.

Binge-watch (verb)

To watch multiple episodes of a television series without a break.

‘Breaking Bad marathons’ would have been commonly used phrase throughout the year

Bitcoin (noun)

A digital currency in which transactions can take place without the need for a central bank

Selfie (noun)

A photograph taken by someone on their smartphone – ‘selfies’ have long been in existence though since the days of Kodak

Schmeat (noun – informal)

A form of meat produced synthetically from biological tissue. Think it’s safe to say there won’t be any schmeat coming to a supermarket near you.

Showrooming (noun)

Video of the Day

Visiting a shop or shops to examine a product before purchasing it online

Twerk (verb)

Provocative dancing to pop music – thrusting movements and squatting are features. Think Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at MTV Awards

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