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The pleasure list: A nation united, in song and dance


Meaghan LaGrandeur

Meaghan LaGrandeur

Meaghan LaGrandeur

To see all the drama, passion and daring of the Easter 1916 Rising condensed into one night and one show, book for Ireland Rises at the Tivoli Theatre, which runs until August 31st, an energetic stage show featuring musicians, singers and dancers, all using Irish traditions to express themselves as they carry audiences through the tense build-up, emotional highs and lows, the bitter battles and the ultimate surrender of the Rising.

This new production, featuring many talented Irish musicians, dancers and singers, including Billy Kilkenny, who also wrote the show, John Mulligan, whose great-grandfather and great-grand uncle were two of the 15 who marched from Maynooth to the GPO, and Meaghan LaGrandeur (pictured), is set in McGovern's public house on Liffey Street, and has stunning visual and sound effects. Top musicians play fiddle, bodhran, box, whistle, banjo and piano, alongside professional Irish singers and dancers, in the perfect event to kick off the Easter 1916 centenary commemorations.


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