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The nation hates us, says Noel Edmonds as he faces I’m A Celebrity trial

Noel Edmonds and Nick Knowles braved the gruelling Catch A Falling Star challenge.


Noel Edmonds (PA)

Noel Edmonds (PA)

Noel Edmonds (PA)

Noel Edmonds joked that the “nation hates us” as he and Nick Knowles were picked for the latest Bushtucker trial on I’m A Celebrity.

The pair were picked for the Catch A Falling Star challenge, which saw them covered in several thousand cockroaches, mealworms and crickets.

The celebs had to lie on their backs in a cage suspended 20 meters above a lake, with Edmonds in a top section and Knowles beneath him.

“You have combined my two greatest fears – heights and confined spaces,” said a worried Edmonds, while Knowles joked of his own fears: “One is heights and the other is working with Noel Edmonds.”

When their time started they were pulled out above the lake, where Deal Or No Deal star Edmonds had to rummage in holes full of critters like green ants and scorpions for stars, which he then had to drop down to Knowles.

Before they set off, 30,000 cockroaches, 30,000 mealworms and 25,000 crickets were dropped on each of them.


Nick Knowles (PA)

Nick Knowles (PA)

Nick Knowles (PA)

As the trial got under way, Edmonds managed to secure some of the stars – which represented food for the hungry campers – but Knowles struggled to catch them all.

When the time ran out, the pair had won five stars for camp, leaving Knowles frustrated.

“I’m angry with myself that I was close enough that I felt them touch my forearm or my hand, the ones that I dropped,” he said.

Edmonds joked: “Nick don’t beat yourself up about this. Yes, you dropped six which frankly was very disappointing…”

Holly Willoughby, who hosts the ITV show alongside Declan Donnelly, congratulated them with a kiss on the cheek as they finished.

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“Are you canoodling with the campmates,” teased Donnelly. “I don’t think that’s allowed.”

Willoughby laughed: “It’s a bit official, a handshake.”

“Keep your distance Holly Willoughby, keep your distance,” laughed Donnelly.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV.

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