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The loves of my life: Ella de Guzman, owner of Siopaella


Siopaella's Ella de Guzman and her beloved dogs.

Siopaella's Ella de Guzman and her beloved dogs.

Siopaella's Ella de Guzman and her beloved dogs.

The opening of Siopaella and partner-in-crime Steve feature high in the entrepreneur's loves.

The person

Steve, my partner-in-crime in life and at Siopaella, and the whole reason I'm here in Ireland in the first place. He's the most patient and caring person in the whole world, and can handle me and my craziness, so what else can I say?

The memory

Opening Siopaella on Crow Street [in Dublin] and my first sale - I was over the moon!

The moment of the day Home, bra off, into the PJs

The song

Forever Young by Bob Dylan. My dad typed out the lyrics and gave them to me when I graduated from high school

The movie

White Chicks (don't judge me)

Video of the Day

The hero

My parents, who were 'immigrant' entrepreneurs too. They moved from the Philippines to Canada with only a suitcase, and had a successful business for 30 years repairing VCRs and TVs

The book

I don't really have time to read books, but I did like Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

The pet hate


The outfit

Pretty much everything I own is pre-loved and bought from Siopaella

The accessory

My vintage 1980s Rolex

The gadget

My iPhone and MacBook

The friend

I'm so lucky to have a close group of friends in Dublin, Edinburgh, and back home in Vancouver - the three cities where I've spent most of my adulthood!

The piece of advice

Be the person that my dogs think I am

The drink

Steve's Vitamix juices in the morning, if he wakes up first

The hobby

Thrifting, travelling and going to flea markets

The part of my body

I do wish I was at least five feet tall. (I'm four feet ten inches, and shrinking)

The hotel

Riad Elizabeth in Marrakech, Morocco - we went to Marrakech on a buying trip for Siopaella, and the owners, John and Elizabeth, were so helpful and sweet! Their riad was gorgeous and really affordable, and the staff were all so lovely. We have stayed there twice now; we absolutely love Marrakesh!

The bar

Crow Bar in Temple Bar for two reasons - the staff are the best, and it's three metres from Siopaella

The beauty product


The holiday

Coron, Palawan, which is in the Philippines, and Penticton, British Columbia, in Canada, where I grew up. They are two of the most beautiful places in the world! The celebrity

I don't really idolise celebrities, but it was cool when Florence Welch shopped at Siopaella

The virtue

Loyalty and honesty

The vice

Pot Noodles

The smell

My dogs' paws

The taste

My mom's cooking. She's the best. She's coming to Dublin for a month, and I'm definitely going to gain a stone or two

Siopaella, 8A Crow St, D2 (high street and vintage), tel: (01) 532-1477; 8 Cecilia St, D2, (designer), tel: (01) 555-0119; 25A Temple Lane Sth, D2 (new arrivals and homewares), tel: (01) 677-9106, or see siopaella.com

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