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The loves of my life: Actor Jenny Dixon


Jenny Dixon who will take part in 'Battle Of The Stars' in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland

Jenny Dixon who will take part in 'Battle Of The Stars' in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland

Jenny Dixon who will take part in 'Battle Of The Stars' in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland

The actor on how her mam is very 'kick-ass' and why she would love to have a time manager.

The person

My mam. I don't know why, but I feel she has to know everything. After a day or an event, I feel I need to sit down, debrief, and tell her all, before I can even think about doing anything else. She is very wise and very kick-ass. I'm not sure how mothers do this, but it is some kind of superpower that she has - she has all the answers. She also has more energy than anyone I know

The memory

The moment I found out I'd got the part of Kerri-Ann in Fair City. Tears of joy, happy dances and hugs with friends and family followed for a good week at least

The moment of the day

Early in the morning. I'm training myself to rise earlier. I read somewhere about the 5am-risers club, a philosophy for success. There's something really nice about it all being a bit quiet, having had some early productivity, and then having a cup of tea and taking a moment before the day kicks in

The song

Right now, it's anything country. Chris Stapleton's More of You, and Tennessee Whiskey; Sam Hunt's Take Your Time; Dolly Parton's Jolene and I Will Always Love You; Little Big Town's Girl Crush

The movie

Drive. It changed how I saw scripts and how I am as an actress

The hero

My dad, my mam, my brothers, my boyfriend, my friends and my late granddad

The book

Joseph Campbell's Reflections on the Art of Living. Outliers and Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

The outfit

Pyjamas. When I have to get out of pyjamas, it's a cute date-night dress

The accessory

A good coat - my River Island one; scarf - one I got in Milan; and bag. Guess bags are gorgeous

The gadget

My iPhone 7. It's rose gold. It's my digital companion

The pet hate

People dominating and leaving other people out of a conversation or a situation. Whether it's intentional or just unawares, it irks me

The part of my body

Can I say my mind? My creative, crazy, compassionate mind

The friend

Dana. We met in a casting workshop in LA. She's on a par with what I'd imagine a sister to be. Becka, a Swedish power force who's taught me more than I could say. Jesse, who's taught me the extensiveness of positivity and of love for all

The beauty product

My latest lip-product love is Dose of Colors in Truffle

The holiday

My most recent, a trip to Milan

The piece of advice

Opportunity will not present itself. It will not knock on your door and offer you what you want. You must go out there and get it

The drink

Tea, all day, every day. Very weak with a dash of slimline milk and a dash of unsweetened almond milk, too. On a mad day, I throw some cinnamon in

The hotel

Tinakilly Country House in Wicklow for its old-school decadence and sophistication

The bar

Upstairs in the Westin Hotel; the bar there is so beautiful

The hobby

I love to dance! I'm soon to take part in Battle Of The Stars talent show which I'm a bit giddy about, but also a bit - a lot - terrified too

The celebrity

Shay Mitchell. She's awesome. I had the chance to meet her in LA. She more than lived up to what I'd hoped she'd be

The virtue

Wanting everyone to feel good

The vice

Thinking I can fit seven things into every five minutes of the day, meaning I'm always dashing around. I'd love to have a time manager to say, 'No, Jennifer, just stop'

The smell

Fish and chips! Oh yes

The taste

Fish and chips! Or shortbread with tea! There's a theme here. Fish, chips and tea - while in pyjamas!

Jenny Dixon will join a host of high-profile faces and survivors for 'Battle Of The Stars' supported by the Joe Duffy Group on Saturday, April 8, 2017, in the Intercontinental Hotel, Dublin, to raise funds for Breast Cancer Ireland's pioneering research and awareness programmes around the country.

For more details, see breastcancerireland.com

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