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The life and times of @BoringKearney: The winter weather

Well, we certainly are in the depths of winter now. It's so funny, the other morning I went out to put tepid water on the car windscreen, subsequently I placed the kettle back in its place in the kitchen and when I went back out to the car it had frozen again.

Well I took a moment to laugh before bringing out the kettle again. I said to myself I better act in a speedy fashion this time or I will be here all day or at least until the sun melts the ice! Extreme caution is needed in the icy weather so Dave and I took a trip to our local motor factor store to stock up on suitable products to get us safely through this tough season.

This equipment can be a bit on the pricey side so as always we improvise. Instead of getting snow socks for the tyres, we bought some mesh wire and wrapped it around the tyres with some duct tape. I certainly looked the biz rolling up to training with those on my wheels I can tell you.

Also the de-icer was a bit pricey, so I made my own concoction of Windowlene and mild green Fairy Liquid and it did the trick, aside from bubbles coming off the windscreen for a few hours. Upon getting out of bed in the morning and looking out the window it is quite difficult to gauge if it is snow on the ground or really hard frost. We were actually tricked the other morning.

Myself and Dave looked out the window and we made the assumption that there was snow on the ground so we readied ourselves to go out and make a snowman. However, when we landed outside with a carrot and scarf for the snowman, it was actually just frost on the ground. Jack Frost was hard at work that night I can tell you.

It was such a pity as Matt had called to tell us that training was off because of the weather. Back in 2010 when the weather was really bad Dave got me two tonnes of grit as my Christmas present.

It was probably the best present ever and we still have loads of it left over, so we decided we would load up the tractor and drive a load of it over to the training ground and spread it.

We thought the lads will be thrilled as we would all get to train instead of having the day off but the weather must have affected the phone lines because we couldn't seem to get through to anybody, which was odd. I'd say now that Brian is retired he is praying for snow so he can make a snowman, one of the advantages of being retired.

The old immersion can take a bit of a hammering this weather but luckily we found a way to heat the room for only 15 cent per day using nothing but a candle and a ceramic flower pot, what a time to be alive.

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