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The life and times of @BoringKearney... the away trip


Less than a third of shoppers only shop for groceries once a week

Less than a third of shoppers only shop for groceries once a week

Less than a third of shoppers only shop for groceries once a week

The old away trip. A fixture in rugby since time began. The away trip can be a double- edged sword, sure it's nice to get away for a bit and see other places, however, this does have a knock-on effect on the weekly routine. It means that we constantly miss bin day which in turn means that we end up having to either double up on the bins the following week or have our neighbour, Mrs Miggins put out the bins for us. Also, our cat Felix Jones, as we are away a lot and he is only two years old, we can't very well leave him on his own so we need to leave him with a friend or significant other.

Then there is the weekly shop. We normally carry out our weekly shop on a Friday but if we are going to be away for an extended period of time, this means that we have to amend the shop. Sure, we can pick up a few bits in the convenience store but this plays havoc with our end of year discretionary spend. When our friend Ben was living with us we had an awful job trying to guess and budget ahead with the shopping. Also, when away at this time of year, you need to make a very important decision regarding the immersion, do you leave it on the timer or do you completely switch it off making the monetary saving and risk the wrath of Jack Frost? It's a tough one but in the interest of energy savings we usually opt for the second option, we are natural risk takers anyway as you can probably guess with our devil-may-care attitude to central heating.

The upside however, to an away trip means that you will inevitably use less diesel in the car and when we come back we have some time off to get the ironing done. After an away trip, we have bags of washing and there is nothing like kicking back and getting a load of it on.

Obviously we are also farmers so it can be tricky getting the milking done when we are away, Sean is currently out injured so he is doing the milking at the moment which takes the pressure off.

Sometimes if we go away for long periods of time, I will bring the iron with me so I can iron my tracksuit as we go and it saves on general wear and tear, the down time allows me to practice getting the creases in my tracksuit bottoms and Dave is now a dab hand at what we call freestyle washing, whereby you wash clothes manually in the sink, he could have went pro but rugby got in the way. It's all about sacrifice but at the end of the day, there is nothing like coming home and giving down the back of the couch a good clean, what a time to be alive.

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