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The life and times of @BoringKearney


Mediation between the airline and cabin crew could begin in the second half of February

Mediation between the airline and cabin crew could begin in the second half of February

Mediation between the airline and cabin crew could begin in the second half of February

We're flying! No I'm not talking about Leinster's recent success, but I am talking about having to take an aeroplane to away matches. When undertaking a plane journey, you need to be ultra-organised. If the departure date coincides with bin day then you need to inform the binman, or take a chance and leave the bin out the night before and risk it falling over in high winds.

It is important to give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport beforehand and sometimes myself and Dave like to carry out a dry run maybe a day or two beforehand, noting any inclement weather, roadworks or any diversions we need to take. It is also important to take note of the terminal you are flying out from. Normally if you are flying Air Finglas, it's T2 and O'Leary Air is T1.

O'Leary Air make you print your boarding pass in the comfort of your own home but you need to take into account the paper costs you incur so we like to print the boarding passes on the back of a used cornflakes box. Some airlines will give you a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a complimentary browse of the Independent, but normally we like to bring a pre-packed lunch just in case.

It is also very important to carry the correct passport. One time when me and Dave were checking in, Dave handed in my passport, well hilarity ensued that day I can tell you. The best part of the journey is watching the emergency drill carried out by the stewards. Why go to the cinema when you can have that entertainment for free? Along with my complimentary browse of the Independent, I also like to read the emergency instructions card placed in the seat in front of me, it can be very informative.

I do enjoy watching the carousel waiting on my bag to come through. The suspense can be too much sometimes and it is important to distinguish your bag from similar bags. I have a Leinster bag I got for free when I signed up so to make it distinguishable I tied a Louth GAA ribbon onto it.

Going through security can be a bit of a pain as I like to keep a lot of loose change for the shopping trolley so you can imagine how long it takes me to get through to departures. However, I do incorporate that time into my schedule. I really love when you are waiting at a designated gate and they change the gate and you have to run to the next gate. Now, I better dash, I have to cut up a Rice Krispies box to print a boarding pass for the Six Nations. What a time to be alive!

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