The five best reactions to Zayn Malik leaving One Direction

Denise Calnan

The world's biggest boyband One Direction yesterday announced that a fifth of the band, Zayn Malik, was leaving. Cue: social media went crazy with emotional, hysterical pleas for the 22-year-old to stay put.

We've gathered the top of the best social media messages to Zayn and attempted divided them into five categories...

1. The outburst of emotion

This girl will someday look back on this and laugh...

It really has been a bad day all around for One Direction fans with he news that Zayn Malik quit the band. Spare a thought for this poor Armagh girl who really took the news badly..but not as badly as some of us. We promise, things will get better. Look at Westlife...

Posted by Armagh I on Wednesday, 25 March 2015

2. The cryptic messages

As well as the hysterical outbursts of emotion, others used the opportunity on Twitter to send cryptic, if slightly ominous, messages.

3. The show of solidarity

Everyone's in the same boat. One Direction fans realised that and showed solidarity.

4. The practical requests

Some fans thought about things more practically and realised all they really wanted was chicken fries and a hug.

5. The candlelight vigil

Social media expressions of angst just weren't enough for some. Instead they created a candlelight vigil to the boyband singer.