Tuesday 16 July 2019

The Edge: Rory McIlroy and Nadia spotted playing House

Nadia Forde Photo: Tony Gavin
Nadia Forde Photo: Tony Gavin
Day At The Races: Followed by a trip to House for Rory McIlroy
Dial M: Marty Whelan and his wife Maria at the Gate
That Friday Feeling: Boulevardier Johnny Ronan

Only saying. Nadia Forde and Rory McIlroy were in House on Leeson Street last weekend. They came in on the Saturday with a gang of 10 people. They sat together in a reserved area in the conservatory. There were
bottles of beer on the table. They left together at 2am. Make of this what you will.

They were certainly captivated by each other's company. I can hardly wait for Rory's book: My Fair(way) Lady.

Rory had come from the Dubai Duty Free Derby at the Curragh - he watched the races from John Magnier's box - before going on to hip new restaurant Brookwood on Baggot Street, Then at some point, as the planets re-aligned, Rory and Nadia, who was wearing a white top and jeans, met up and arrived together in House.

An onlooker on the night told me that Rory and Nadia were not exactly touchy-feely because they knew they were being watched as the two most famous people in the club. "There seemed to be something more than a friendship evolving," my Deep Throat mused, adding that, basically, why else would one of the world's top sportsmen and one of Ireland's most beautiful women be so engrossed in each other's charms?

Last month in London, over coffees on Bond Street, when your diarist gently pointed out to Nadia that bookmakers Paddy Power were giving odds of 6-1 that she will be Rory's next girlfriend after the end of his engagement with Caroline Wozniacki, the Dublin-born beauty laughed out loud.

"I wouldn't be betting on me if I was anyone going into Paddy Power! He doesn't even have my phone number. And I don't have his. Look, I met him with a gang of friends last October in 37 [the bar on Dawson Street] and I haven't seen him since. It was one of those situations where you have mutual friends and two plus two equals five!"

I don't know what Rory and Nads' possibly romantic rendezvous in House makes it now in terms of numbers. Off the scale, anyone?

Colgan gives real value at The Price

It wasn't a Mexican wave and it wasn't one of those self-conscious standing ovations, where people stand because their neighbour does.  It was as if the entire audience in the packed Gate Theatre was one person with one voice and that person rose out of the seat with a wild whoop of joy. That was the reaction last Tuesday night to the opening of the rarely performed Arthur Miller play  The Price. 

Your sympathies shift constantly but Lewis J. Stadlen as Solomon the valuer holds your heart throughout and is the theatrical sensation of the summer.

Michael Colgan who 
always sets tongues 
wagging with his sitting companion chose actress Anne Harper, his first 
girlfriend in 1967.

"The relationship went downhill rapidly when I told her that I was a vegetarian," he told me, "She was the daughter of a Harold's Cross butcher." Paolo Tullio attended with his darling companion Marian Kenny, as did
British Ambassador Dominick Chilcott and 
his wife Jane, plus the loveliest couples in Ireland, Marty and Maria Whelan and Gay Byrne with

Robbie Fox, told me that he is throwing an exclusive party for rock god Ian McLagan at his restaurant Belluci's on July 19.

He is hoping to recreate the atmosphere of his beloved Renards. With Joe Elliott and Bono expected, it's a cert.

Ms Doyle goes to not-so-craggy island

Former RTE news anchor Anne Doyle will become a Sky broadcaster this afternoon. Or words to that effect. She is taking to the sky - to jet to Puerto de Mogan in the Gran Canaries for a week's holidays. No jokes about Ms Doyle goes to not-so-craggy island please. She is flying solo, leaving her partner Dan McGrattan behind to mind the fort and look after business commitments.

Anne is visiting her friends from Cork, Greta and Liam Dennehy, who have lived in the old fishing village near Las Palmas since the 80s, and have, says Anne, "a great bar and restaurant."

"The simple joys of retirement!" she told me before she took off yesterday.

Sean Quinn enjoyed the simple joys of a christening for one of his grandchildren last Sunday in De Bruns in Castleknock. The small event was attended by 30 close family and friends.

Johnny boy is the talk of the terraces

Let's not get carried away. Ah please - let's (Ed.) Your diarist finally has some proof that the good times, whatever about the boom, are on their way back to Ireland. And it is all courtesy of one of the bona fide stars of this column: Johnny Ronan. Who else?

He was enjoying last weekend's sun - and the food and wine - on the terrace outside Bellucci's restaurant in Ballsbridge on Friday. I'm calling it The Good Friday Agreement On Food & Wine.

The bearded boulevardier, who got the sore goolies outside McSorley's in Ranelagh back in the day, was there, deep in discussion with four pals. Only four? I hear you ask. It was like a D4 version of Algonquin Round Table from
1920s' New York with the badger-coiffured developer clearly continuing the tradition of Dorothy Parker et al.

Among the cultured crew at the sun-kissed terrace table was fellow ginger, Redser (aka Ronan Barry) and others who seemed to be enjoying Johnny's every hugely important utterance. They came in at 2.30pm and left a little before 5pm.

The legendary Mick Galwey joined the famous table at one point.

Whisper it softly: the recession is ending because Johnny boy is back in - if not quite on the - town.

McSavage has eye for Miriam

Brendan O'Connor is on hols from the TV for the summer. So until he returns, my new favourite Saturday TV star is Miriam O'Callaghan (her excellent show 'Saturday Night With..' started last night.)

Miriam obviously has a very open-minded husband in Steve Carson. Not because of the extra-work load, I might add. No, because of the Ugandan manoeuvre his wife was on recently with David McSavage.

There was Saturday night fever in Westport last weekend when Miriam had extramarital rumpy pumpy with her interviewee on her RTE radio show, the aforementioned star of the awesome Savage Eye. Or at least that's the impression the comic gave.

At one stage, McSavage turned into his wildly inappropriate but funny self, and started saying that he was in good form because he and Miriam had just had great sex. At this point, Steve coincidentally walked towards his otherwise faithful wife and her interviewee. David burst out laughing. Alas, the sexed-up bits of Miriam's show were edited out of what was aired last Sunday. Otherwise, listeners would have thought Miriam was pulling McSavage's wireless.

Sweeney's not on his Todd in Wexford

Keep this under your (Philip Tracey) hat, will you? Vogue International Editor Suzy Menkes' favourite luxury handbag designer Pauric Sweeney has moved to county Wexford.

He is renting a mansion on the beach in Blackwater with his gorgeous, 33-year-old Italian partner Ludovica Ferrari Cesena. Not that Pauric isn't gorgeous himself. I've even heard him described - quite possibly by himself - as possessing Cary Grant good looks.

Pauric hasn't had a chance to enjoy the good weather due to work commitments, though he has spent time with his 
11-year-old son Oscar, from a previous relationship, who was with him recently.

The Donegal dandy and feted bag-man of international repute jetted further east - to Hong Kong on Wednesday and then Taiwan.

"Hong Kong is for luxury consultancy," he told me. "Taipei is for a big new company and their global luxury market - and their accessories empire in Asia and their plans for Europe." And no better man to globally guide them.

In case the locals in Blackwater are wondering where exactly their most fashionable resident is, allow me to settle their nerves.

Pauric does not fly back to these shores until July 25 when he is bringing the lovely Ludo (whose birthday it is that day) to a certain social diarist's wedding in the Powerscourt Hotel, Enniskerry. Let's hope he brings back a nice prezzie for the bride and groom - and, of course, for birthday girl Ludo.

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