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The Edge: Mahon Report - Siobhan and Paul split shock


All change: Former model Siobhan Mahon

All change: Former model Siobhan Mahon

LA Confidential: Tara Sinnott is still free and single and
loving living in LA

LA Confidential: Tara Sinnott is still free and single and loving living in LA

Alison Doody attends the charity fashion show in aid of the 
Marie Keating Cancer Fund


Alison Doody attends the charity fashion show in aid of the Marie Keating Cancer Fund WENN/Dardis/McDonnell


Andrea Corr

Andrea Corr

Party time: Cork-born beauty Carol Anthony and Liverpool legend Ian Rush are relaxing in Portugal.

Party time: Cork-born beauty Carol Anthony and Liverpool legend Ian Rush are relaxing in Portugal.

Hot spot: Mary Hanafin and her mother Mona

Hot spot: Mary Hanafin and her mother Mona

Joyous gems: David Norris and Stephen Fry pictured at the James Joyce Centre in Dublin last Tuesday (Bloomsday).

Joyous gems: David Norris and Stephen Fry pictured at the James Joyce Centre in Dublin last Tuesday (Bloomsday).

Poetic soul: Morah Ryan is planning her holidays

Poetic soul: Morah Ryan is planning her holidays


All change: Former model Siobhan Mahon

I have just taken possession of a startling new Mahon Report and it is more sad news for Ireland. . .

Siobhan Mahon and Paul Bouchier, who your diarist thought were planning big things together, are no longer an item.

My formal inquiry can reveal that the leggy pony-tailed vision - that's Paul - and the former top model split up a while ago. And there was me thinking because they went to a wedding together in Lisnavagh House in Rathvilly in Carlow on September 20th last year that it was a recce for some future big day for themselves.

Alas, not.

They were also spotted having a quiet drink together in the foyer of the Powerscourt Hotel in Enniskerry on July 25. How do I know this? Because I was getting married there that day and saw them with my own eyes.

Business-man Paul, the brother of Bank of Ireland chief executive Richie Boucher, was once married to beautiful brunette Shiela Eustace - a former top Irish model herself, once upon a time.

In 2012, Siobhan dated top music promoter Daryl Downey (who told me last weekend at Taste Of Dublin that his fab Killarney Festival of Music and Food on June 27th and 28th is shaping up to be the event of the summer if not the year.)

Long long before that, back in the day in fact, Siobhan went out with that other impresario with long floppy hair, John Reynolds. And now she is free again to date more floppy-haired dreamboats as the stunner is single.

"I've been single for ages but there isn't a sinner in the country interested in that!" she laughed.

"I'm very happy and I've a really busy summer ahead," Siobhan, one of Ireland's top models in the 1990s and still one of Ireland's most beautiful women, continued, adding that she is setting up an exciting new website "around Irish products, but I can't really say more than that. It's very early days and I'm probably changing the domain name. . ."

So it is all change for Paul and Siobhan. . .

There's no business like the events business

Someone stop me before I turn into a cheerleader for the recovery. It is a look I prefer to the de rigeur one of sackcloth-and-ashes - my shamed head lowered in repentance that I ever enjoyed myself during the boom. But I digress.

With consumer spending/confidence on the rise, next year the folks who bring you The Sindo - and Irish Indo, Belfast Telegraph, The Herald, Sunday World and Independent.ie - are putting their heads together to give you House 2016, our exceedingly hip new homes and interiors show at the RDS from May 20th to 22nd.

It's been produced in associated with those rather brilliant people who brought you Bloom, so it is sure to be a soar-away success. More than an exhibition, it'll have master-classes, advice clinics and demos, hipsters identifying trends and such like. I might even show you how to dress a room for the perfect D4 dinner party.

So, INM are now in the events business. The only question your diarist wants to know is, what took us so long?

Next Thursday at the Chocolate Factory on King's Inns Street, the great and good - designers, architects, craftsmen and much more importantly some of The Irish Models and lots of A-list celebs - will be pitching up in all their finery for the suitably stylish launch of House 2016. They'll all get to hear some speeches about the zeitgeist of Irish interiors and the hottest trends for the discerning Irish home, then bop alongside Rosanna Purcell, Rosanna Davison, Alison Canavan and Ruth Griffin (who are all expected) as DJ Daniella Moyles plays some banging tunes - and eat some delish food.

Speaking of which, tuna tartar, pickled summer vegetables, mini lobster - as well as champagne infused "calipos" - were all served to the VIP guests at The Marker Hotel on Grand Canal Dock at its summer party by General Manager Charlie Sheil for 160 guests. Chief among them were Pippa O'Connor (who just flew back from a holiday in Mykonos) and the aforementioned Roz Purcell and Rosanna Davison.

What party would be complete without them?

Tara can't find Mr Right in La La Land

Eligible Irish  men looking for love might want to book a flight to Los Angeles. Tara Sinnott - delightful daughter of former Olympia theatre owner Gerry - can't find a man in LA where she moved to three years ago.

"Dating in LA is hard," Tara, Caprice's former agent who now works for Maker Studios in Hollywood, told me.

"It is the land of the beautiful people and you constantly see older men with younger women. I am not as young as I was and am still not prepared to settle, so I'm still looking for Mr Right!"

"I have met a few Mr Very Wrongs along the way. I did meet one guy but it turned out he was also seeing another girl at the same time as declaring his undying love for me!" laughed Tara who previously dated Dublin publican Paul Sheehan for two years (they broke up in December 2005), then the former Hollyoaks star Stuart Manning in 2010.

She was on this side of the pond last weekend to visit her sister in London and to catch up with some old friends. "I had dinner with Michelle Heaton, Louise Osbourne and my sister Fiona in Covent Garden on Sunday night. It was a really fun girl-y night. I laughed so hard at one point I think I may have snorted!" Tara snorted.

"I also had lunch with Caprice in her unbelievably incredible house in Notting Hill and I got to see Ty and her two boys." added Tara who is living in Santa Monica with her little pooch Honey and "absolutely loves it."

"I love Ireland. I have a lot of friends and my Mom and Dad are still there. So I come back often, but I can't imagine I would ever live there again."

Despite her love of La La Land, the Irish blonde is not, she says, planning on having Botox. "No no - and never!" she snorted. "Living in Santa Monica, people are much more natural. Ask me again in 10 years when my boobs are around my waist."

To paraphrase the dreaded words that heralded the infamous Pearl Harbour attack - Tara! Tara! Tara!

Alison goes up the aisle again

It's official. Alison Doody has gone up the aisle again. The aisle in Tesco at The Merrion Shopping Centre in Ballsbridge, that is. . .

On Monday night, she was presumably doing her weekly shop. The blonde beauty - and Gavin O'Reilly's ex wife - was easily the most glamorous customer going down the aisle at 7pm with a full trolley.

The one-time Bond girl was sporting a high ponytail, black leather jacket and black skinny jeans. She was also wearing very little make-up.

Though, clearly, every little helps.

Her equally glamorous mother Joan was in L'Ecrivain a few weeks ago (My Deep Throat overheard Joan telling someone how happy Alison is. Glad to hear it.)

Joyous Joan was with her husband Frankie Woods senior - his son Frankie Woods junior is married to Caroline Corr.

Caroline's sister, the beautiful Andrea Corr, meanwhile, was at the Respect charity summer lunch in the InterContinental Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin last weekend, as was Annette Rocca and Avila Lipsett.

Mary in Marbs with mother as Ian and Carol on Algarve

Marbella as last bastion of decadence, wantonness and excess will perhaps never be the same again. Ever. 

This - your diarist can say without any fear of contradiction - is because Mary Hanafin was in the hot-spot in sweltering southern Spain last month.

The former Fianna Fail minister brought her mother Mona, who lives in sunny soar-away Thurles, with her to Marbs.

Mazza and Mona were there ostensibly to celebrate Mona's 80th birthday - and not hang out with Virginia Macari and rest of the sun-kissed beau monde in Puerto Banús.

"We took a loan of Mona's friend's apartment in the centre of Marbella," Mary told me. "We met up with friends from Thurles and Dublin. So four octogenarians and two daughters enjoyed sun and lazy days."

There is a similar lack of urgency for love-birds Ian Rush and Carol Anthony. The Cork-born beauty and reality TV star and her beau, the Liverpool Football Club deity are currently luxuriating on the Algarve, where he has a villa.

"Now that the football season is over" (Ian is a global Ambassador for Liverpool FC), "it is party time for Rushie and me," Carol told me mentioning imminent trips to Dubai, India and various race meetings in Ireland and further afield. For the moment, they are enjoying a long romantic break in Lagos in Portugal - making the best of "the completely unspoiled beaches and the great local fish restaurants."

The couple who have been seeing each other over two years were able to put their relationship on a firmer footing recently when Ian's divorce was finalised.

"Ian and I are in a very good place," the former pop star told me from the Algrave, adding: "We are very much planning our future together."

Very much a good result for Ian and Cazza, then.

Fab Vinny and Carina celebrate in style with bubbles in House

What might Stephen Fry have said when approached by the god of Chapter One, Ross Lewis, alongside the pearly white table cloths last Tuesday night?

It must have included ordering the tasting menu and a pairing wine. That great English wit was joined at the table by that great Irish wit, Senator David Norris, who lives on North Great George's St - just around the corner from the Michelin-starred restaurant on Parnell Square.

On the following day, Tom Jones was spotted dining in Belluccis on Merrion Road with two gentlemen - they had a bowl of pasta each, which is not unusual for an Italian restaurant.

When asked, by a female admirer in Robbie Fox's eaterie, the secret of his enduring appeal with the ladies, Jones quipped, "It's because I'm Welsh." Oggy Oggy Oggy.

Last Sunday, another enduring sex symbol Pierce Brosnan (wearing a dark jacket and a white shirt) had lunch in De Ville's in Dalkey with a group of friends.

The previous night in House on Leeson Street, fab Vinny May from Kodaline was in with his gorgeous fiancée Carina Elliott, celebrating her birthday with a group of 30 well-wishers and enjoying a magnum bottle of Veuve champagne.

On the same evening Robbie Keane was in Siam Thai in Malahide on Saturday night after the Scotland game with some friends.

Morah returning to Kilcrohane

All roads lead to Kilcrohane for that incomparable beauty, Morah Ryan. She is going to the picturesque village in County Cork next month with her kids and her mum Noreen Brennan (who is from that neck of the woods.) It sounded more like a spiritual pilgrimage than a holiday as Morah described Kilcrohane to me as "my second home. I have spent every summer there."

Later in the summer, Morah and her brood are jetting to Florida for some hols at Walt Disney World. This will be another spiritual journey for Morah as this is where she and her late (great) husband Gerry went for their regular summer vacations.

In the meantime, Morah tells me she is chilling out in the sunshine on the northside - "happy to have Babs' Junior Cert over", she said referring to her daughter Babette, before continuing that "we're just watching them bees making honey." Spoken like the true poetic soul that she is.

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