Saturday 21 September 2019

The bluffer's guide to... Eastenders

Shona McGarty who plays Whitney.
Shona McGarty who plays Whitney.

Darragh mcManus knows exactly what's happened - so you can pretend you do too

WHAT: The iconic BBC soap marks its 30th anniversary.

WHEN: It first aired on this date, but celebrations go on all week.

SUCH AS: Live episode, flashback episode, Graham Norton special.

IAN BEALE WEDDING WATCH: Married for the fifth time, to Jane (second time for them).

BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW: 1997 episodes set in Dublin were so full of Paddywhackery, the Irish ambassador in London officially complained.

DO SAY: Awroigh' moi daaahlin'.

DON'T SAY: Leave i' aaaaht feh Gaawd's sake.

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