Wednesday 13 November 2019

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Remembering Mullaghmore, Sunday, RTE1, 10.30pm... Remembering Mountbatten's end

Remembering Mullaghmore, RTE
Remembering Mullaghmore, RTE
Grace and Frankie, Netflix, anytime
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, BBC
Happyish, Showtime

This week Prince Charles will visit both Northern and southern Ireland on a state visit that will include a pause in County Sligo. This will be a hugely significant moment for the Prince of Wales, because his grand uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten was killed here by an IRA bomb. Charles viewed Mountbatten as a father figure, and was said to be devastated by the attack, which took place 36 years ago off the idyllic seaside town of Mullaghmore.

In this new documentary, Tommie Gorman talks to many of those most closely involved in the incident, including retired Detective Garda Kevin Henry, who was standing on a headland when he saw the bomb explode. The 79-year-old Lord Mountbatten had often holidayed at his summer home, Classiebawn Castle, and on the morning of August 27, 1979, ignored security advice and Garda warnings by embarking on a fishing expedition. A 50-pound bomb was detonated remotely, killing Mountbatten and three others.


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Sunday, BBC1, 9pm

Magic at Westminster

This handsome-looking new seven-part drama is based on Susanna Clarke’s best-selling novel and is set in an alternative early 19th century London where magic exists. Eddie Marsan plays Mr. Norrell, a Yorkshire sorcerer who comes to the capital to make his fortune. When he offers his services to an arrogant politician called Sir Walter Pole, he's rudely rebuffed. But a death in Pole's family presents Norrell with an opportunity.


Grace and Frankie

Netflix, anytime

The Fonda and Tomlin show

Netflix’s new comedy could hardly come with stronger credentials. Created by Martha Kaufman, whose other credits include a little sitcom called Friends, and featuring Hollywood legends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Grace and Frankie stars the pair as 70-something matriarchs who've hated each other their whole lives until fate forces them together. The wheels come off for Grace (Fonda) and Frankie (Tomlin) when their two husbands announce that they've fallen in love with each other. 



Showtime, 2015

Generations at war

A wordy new sitcom that wears its intellect on its sleeve, Happyish was originally conceived as a vehicle for the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, who starred in a pilot. He's replaced in this funny but rather conceited series by Steve Coogan, who plays Thom Payne, a burnt-out advertising executive who quotes Camus and Henry Miller and is oppressed by the glibness of the Twitter generation. Kathryn Hahn plays his painter wife, who's every bit as prissy and pretentious as Thom is.

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