Monday 16 December 2019

Why did Ray D'Arcy ask Making a Murderer lawyer such inane, trivial questions? - Michael O'Doherty

Ray D'Arcy chats to Making a Murderer attorney Dean Strang
Ray D'Arcy chats to Making a Murderer attorney Dean Strang

Michael O'Doherty

THE TV show Making a Murderer purportedly unearths not one, but two miscarriages of justice that have befallen Steven Avery, who served 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, and is now serving life for a second, doubtful conviction.

So when Dean Strang, Avery's defence attorney, was announced as a guest on The Ray D'Arcy Show, it had all the makings of a fascinating, serious interview.

But RTE doesn't do 'serious' very well, and predictably enough, D'Arcy fell into the trap of trying to lighten the mood.

"You have become a celebrity, dare I say sex symbol," ventured Ray, to a visibly embarrassed Strang.

Repeating exchanges that Ray had heard in RTE, he quoted the compliment of one female that "[Strang] wouldn't be my normal type - I don't know I'm why attracted to him, but I am".

Full marks to Strang for keeping his dignity during this toe-curling exchange, which did nothing but trivialise a serious matter and give further fuel to the argument that the RTE is incapable of dealing with a subject without dumbing it down.

One hesitates to blame Ray in this case, as he seemed interested in the Avery story, but one has to question whether Ryan Tubridy would have been less concerned about pandering to giddier elements by asking such inane questions.

Strang comes across on Making a Murderer as a committed, rights-driven lawyer, who firmly believes that the US justice system is flawed. He deserved more than the usual tat about his Irish connections and becoming an unlikely sex symbol. As chat-show miscarriages of justice go, Ray's interview with Strang was right up there.

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