Saturday 18 January 2020

Who is Fair City's kidnapper? Top seven suspects revealed

Fair City's Katy
Fair City's Katy
Viewers' first look at the man holding Katy O'Brien (Amilia Clarke Stewart)

Jane Last

The masked captor of kidnapped Katy O'Brien has Fair City viewers guessing who he is. It's up there with 'Eastenders' 'Who Shot Phil' and Corrie's 'Free the Weatherfield One' when it comes to capturing the imagination of viewers.

Last night, we learned he was a man..... and that's it.

Viewers' first look at the man holding Katy O'Brien (Amilia Clarke Stewart)
Viewers' first look at the man holding Katy O'Brien (Amilia Clarke Stewart)

We all thought Katy had skipped off to Galway, fuming with her mum Debbie for her affair with Tommy. We now know she was kidnapped and being held in a makeshift basin room - it seems she's been in Carrigstown all this time. So we've come up with a list of seven Carrigtown men - there are no spoiler alerts here, just some informed guesswork.

Let us know what you think - or perhaps you can add to the list

Cathal Spillane

Is it Cathal Spillane?

Okay - so he has been off the small screen for a while. But, when you think about it, this gives Fair City scriptwriters the perfect opportunity to bring back a character the viewers hated.

His character is 'on the run' since earlier this year - so we don't know what's happened to him.

He was the son of Flynn, played by Don Baker, and had it in for Katy's mum Debbie and the whole O'Brien family. And when Debbie began an illicit relationship with Tommy Dillon, he had it in for Tommy too. His dad scared the bejaysis out of us - and Cathal is a chip off the old block.

Could his hatred of Debbie have led him to kidnap her daughter? What we know from last night's episode is that he claimed he wasn't Tommy Joyce - so it MUST be him!

And he appears to be a resourceful man - whipping up a basement cellar to hold Katy captive would probably cause him little worry.
Actor Eric Lalor once said he was going to become Carrigstown's most hated man when he joined the soap in 2015 - maybe he knew the story arc his character would follow and he would be Katy's captor. Makes sense!

Tommy Dillon

Is it Tommy Joyce?

Okay - so the balaclava-clad kidnapper was heard telling Katy 'I promise you I'm not Tommy Dillon'. But what if he is Tommy Dillon? What if he's just bluffing?

Tommy's affair with her mother Debbie led to Katy apparently leaving Carrigstown not talking to her mum.

In the meantime, it's been very convenient for Tommy with Katy gone.

And when it comes to telling barefaced lies, we all know that Tommy has form

Oisin Brennan

Is it Oisin Brennan?

Oisin returned to Carrigstown in March - two months before Katy's disappearance.

So we realise there's nothing really to connect the two - other than Oisin is a ball of unpleasantness.

There might be some reason lurking in that mind of his as to why he would kidnap Katy - but we just don't know what it is.

The son of Paul Brennan and first wife Nicola, Oisin has been putting everyone's buttons since he came back.

He would be a dark horse when it comes Katy's kidnapping - but don't rule him out.

Bob Charles

Is it Bob Charles?

There's always been something about Bob - we just don't trust him.

And that's all we can say about Bob - some of us can still remember Bob actor Bryan Murray as Trevor Jordache in Brookside in the early 1990s. Maybe that's influencing our thoughts - if so blame actor Bryan for his unnerving protrayal two decades ago which still gives us the chills

Paul Brennan

Is it Paul Brennan?

We know, we know.... highly unlikely. But Paul Brennan is at the centre of everything in Carrigstown. Troublesome marriage, troublesome kids, troublesome affairs.... and now kidnapping. It's a massive leap - and we're not sold on it either. But we've no doubt that Paul will somehow find himself unwittingly connected to this nightmare when it's all over. 

Charlie Kelly

Is it eh... Charlie Kelly?

You've just snorted at this theory haven't you? Well it would deliver a massive shock to viewers - Charlie has been on our screens since Fair City began 26 years ago.

We're not buying into this - but some might say it's always the ones you least suspect.

Ciaran Holloway

Is it Ciaran Holloway?

He doesn't match the build of Katy's beefed-up captor but Ciaran's name is the one that you readers keep bringing up the most. Can you really see him keeping Katy hostage for so long though?

Sure if Charlie is on the list...

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