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'When they open the 'box', everything else should be clean' - RTE stars share Valentine's Day advice


Dermot Bannon and Amy Huberman offer advice for Valentine's Day

Dermot Bannon and Amy Huberman offer advice for Valentine's Day

Dermot Bannon and Amy Huberman offer advice for Valentine's Day

Some of RTE's well-known faces have shared some romance advice ahead of The Late Late Show's Valentine's special.

As The Late Late Show gets set for its annual Valentine's Day special, the show reached out to some of RTE's famous faces to discover their tips tricks for a successful day (or night) of romance.

Striking Out star Amy Huberman’s advice is simple, though possibly something to reconsider in this cold weather! “Just streak... just streak. Go for it!” she says.

Amy’s Striking Out co-star Neil Morrissey, however, has a message for all those grimy men out there who neglect to look after their fingernails.

“Gentlemen, take note: if you have got dirt under your fingernails, how does a woman know what’s in your underpants? You’ve really got to look after the extremities and then when they open the 'box', everything else should be clean!” he says.

Ever practical Room to Improve architect Dermot Bannon’s design for love is to woo your partner by looking after the “little things”. “If you have never cooked a dinner, if you haven’t collected the kids from school, collect the kids from school. Maybe clean their car or iron their clothes,” he says.  

For Amanda Brunker, it’s all about the chase. “The best thing to do is play hard to get. Never be easy. No matter what it is, make yourself a challenge and they will want you," she says.

Dancing with the Stars contestant Hughie Maughan thinks the way to a lover’s heart is to take them on a slingshot ride while his co-star Teresa Mannion advises a few dancing lessons for men looking to sweep their lady off her feet.

And then there’s Blindboy Boatclub’s, er, unique approach to l'amour. “There’s only one thing you need to know about Valentine’s Day: you rub dogs with your left hand, you throw stones with your right hand. Don’t get them confused and have a beautiful, beautiful time,” he says.

The last word goes to the man on everyone's minds right now, a typically bombastic Donald Trump as channelled through comedian Oliver Callan.

“If you’re not successful on Valentine’s Day, you’re a loser. You're a loser. You might as well just move to China or some awful place like that because it’s over for you. You are not welcome in our country, immigrants, unless you’re hot like Melania, like you’re a ten!” he says.

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