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When RTE news and weather goes wrong... top 10 bloopers

Newsreader Eileen Dunne behind her new desk. Photo: Damien Eagers
Newsreader Eileen Dunne behind her new desk. Photo: Damien Eagers

When you're dealing with technology, humans, and live TV, things are bound to go a little awry on occasion and RTE is no exception.

However, when the humans involved are a bunch of consummate professionals, things are always back on track in no time.  But not before we allow ourselves a little giggle from the safety of our sofas (as we're sure they do when they come off air). 

Here are 10 of those magic moments from RTE news and weather...


Eileen saves the day

In October 2015, veteran news broadcaster Eileen Dunne's 30 years of experience came into sharp focus on The Nine O'Clock News when everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

While viewers waited for their news bulletin and evening offering from the national broadcaster, none came for a full 11 minutes.

Newsreader Eileen Dunne behind her new desk. Photo: Damien Eagers

Initially showing a blue backdrop screen and RTE logo with no sound, the station then cut to advertisements citing "technical issues".

Newsreader Eileen Dunne was forced to read the news from a paper script on her desk rather than from the teleprompter, but she did so with calm and ease, prompting an outpouring of adoration from viewers who said she "played a blinder" on social media.


'What?' - Aengus primps and preens

This clip of RTÉ newsreader Aengus MacGrianna powdering his nose and adjusting his tie before realising he was live on air and exclaiming, 'What?' is probably one of the funniest bloopers in RTE history.  It's not surprising it went viral.


Aengus takes a stroll

Aengus can be seen casually walking into shot when he's not supposed to at about 1:15:



When there's a bit of informality on the usually formal Six One News, it's a blooper.  After a report on the Late Late Toy Show, Sharon Ní Bheoláin and Brian Dobson were seen giggling in the studio and appeared to stumble over their words.

Brian and Sharon.jpg

Sharon was then clearly heard saying "No Dobbo, you go" as she motioned for her co-presenter to deliver the news.  Viewers were thrilled and Twitter was full of #dobbogate.


Sharon's 'unimpressed' expression

Sharon Ní Bheoláin was also captured pulling an 'unimpressed' face at one of the news segments before realising she was on air and continuing the news despite an obvious compulsion to giggle.


'Your job's okay... this time.'

Sharon again. Just before the credits rolled on the prime-time bulletin on Halloween, Sharon could be heard saying to co-host Ray Kennedy: “Your job’s okay… this time.”

The intro music then played and the pair turned to the camera to deliver the headlines as normal.  RTE later said it was just a joke.


Dobbo takes his time

A technical problem meant the veteran news anchor could not take his seat before the Six One news started, leaving co-presenter Sharon manning the desk.

The lighting issue meant that Dobson had to move from his usual position seconds before the show started and walk on once the broadcast had started.

He appeared, sat down, and read the news like nothing had happened.



Galway's apocalypse

RTE weather is not immune to the odd blooper.  In December last year, Met Eireann warned us that the weather was going to be "wet, cold and changeable" but Galway seemed to be something of an anomaly.

An unfortunate typo on the map in the weather forecast predicted that Galway would experience temperatures as low as -13 degrees rather than the seven to nine degrees it really experienced.

dec 2016 weather.jpg


The day the graphics died

On a Tuesday in summer last year forecaster Evelyn Cusack was let down by the graphics machine - with the graphics stuck on Wednesday morning's chart (which didn't look too promising).

But, making light of the situation, Ms Cusack carried on regardless and didn't require the charts (which, of course, are not visible to the meteorologist in the studio anyway) to give her detailed forecast.


Siobhan Ryan gives up mid sentence

RTE weather presenter Siobhan Ryan earned a place in the international 'Best News Bloopers of March 2014' clip reel for giving up on her report mid-sentence.

RTE Weather Blooper - Siobhan Ryan (Generated thumbnail)

Journalists share hilarious bloopers in solidarity with ABC newscaster Natasha Exelby following embarrassing on air gaffe 

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