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We'll miss you Aengus Mac Grianna - RTE news anchor's most memorable moments

Aengus Mac Grianna fixing his tie
Aengus Mac Grianna fixing his tie
Aengus Mac Grianna
Aengus Mac Grianna
Aengus with some of the alpaca herd, which was Terry's idea
Aengus MacGrianna and Terry Gill at the 2016 Rehab People of the Year Awards at Citywest Hotel. Picture: Robbie Reynolds
Anne Doyle with former RTE colleague Aengus McGrianna, who she gave away at his 2014 wedding
Aengus MacGrianna on RTE's Nationwide programme
Aengus Mac Grianna kisses his partner, Terry Gill as they celebrate the Yes Vote outside Pantibar in Dublin. Picture credit; Damien Eagers 23/5/2015
Aengus MacGrianna on RTE's Nationwide programme - he visits Wicklow Gaol
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Aengus Mac Grianna is packing up his powder and heading for pastures new after 30 years at RTE.

For those of us who have grown up with the RTE news reader delivering the daily headlines with those dulcet tones after school, then college, then work, then as parents, it truly is the end of an era.

A professional to a fault, he has proven unflappable in the face of the occasional blooper, most famously when he went viral after footage of him touching up his make-up and fixing his tie was accidentally aired on RTE's digital news channel in 2013.

He's not retiring, he told the Sunday Independent, but feels it's "time for a change". 

“It’s a bit like that book The Alchemist. I re-read it again recently and I am following my personal legend, as the book would say. I haven’t fully mapped out where I want to go but I know that I’ll eventually get wherever that is meant to be,” he said.

“My ultimate dream is to keep learning and to explore and discover new things. I am open to the idea of going back to university and I will keep all my options open — from architecture to archaeology.”

He reportedly won't be leaving until March next year, however, so perhaps we'll see a few more memorable moments between now and then.

Here are some of his best:

THAT clip

This clip of Aengus powdering his nose and adjusting his tie before realising he was live on air and exclaiming, 'What?' is probably one of the funniest bloopers in RTE history.  It's not surprising it went viral.  He proved he can laugh at himself when he spoke about it afterwards.  “I saw the fun in it. You have to laugh at yourself as well, I think that’s important.”  The clip ended up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and was even used on a recent eBay advertisement.  Long after Aengus leaves RTE this clip will live on, and on, and on...

And the eBay ad:


That time he casually sauntered into shot

Aengus can be seen casually walking into shot when he's not supposed to at about 1:15:


The one where technology fails him

Aengus was reading the 9 o'clock News on RTE One recently when he found himself trying to read his script while a report played over him.  His face says everything, but he continues like the consummate pro he is.


That time he started reading Eamon Horan's lines

Aengus was on the Six One News when he was supposed to pass over to sports presenter Eamon Horan.  However, he started reading Eamon's sports script instead.  When he realised his mistake he simply quipped, "Well actually that's sport, that's your job Eamon" before they both burst into laugher. 


And finally, a very funny compilation of his finer moments

We will miss you Aengus!

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