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Sunday 18 August 2019

Watch: Little girls battle for the affections of their crush in audition for the Toy Show

Kelsey (9) and Mia (8) have a crush on Kyle (9)
Kelsey (9) and Mia (8) have a crush on Kyle (9)

Patricia Murphy

Many children are looking forward to Christmas morning’s loot of toys beneath the tree but not two little girls from Dublin who have asked Santa for a kiss from their biggest crush.

Kelsey Plummer (9) and Mia Tighe (8) are friends that have one thing in common... a desire to make nine-year-old Kyle Howey their boyfriend.

The friends revealed their Christmas wish in their audition for TV3’s Toy Show.

“I’m going to get Kyle to kiss me,” said Mia.

“I’m going to get Kyle to be my boyfriend. That’s better,” Kelsey argued.

The two girls asked Santa to use his magic to fulfil their Christmas wish.

“Santa’s going to go to his house, get dust and sprinkle it over his head and then he’s going to think about me,” said Kelsey.

Unfortunately for the girls, Kyle (9) doesn’t seem to return their affections.

“They do be fighting over me. They do be all over me trying to hug me,” he said.

TV3 will air TV3 Toy Show Auditions on Friday at 8PM.

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