Tuesday 15 October 2019

WATCH: 'I had to act with a wolf, which made me very uncomfortable' - Killian Scott and Sarah Greene talk Dublin Murders

Sarah Greene and Killian Scott,
Sarah Greene and Killian Scott, "Dublin Murders" at the RTÉ autumn 2019 schedule launch. Picture: Andres Poveda

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Killian Scott has revealed he got up close and personal with a wolf during filming for RTE and the BBC's new crime series Dublin Murders.

Both Scott and co-star Sarah Greene play detectives in the four part series, which kicks off next week, and endured a gruelling seven month shoot at locations in Belfast and Dublin.

With filming taking place predominantly over the winter months, it was cold and wet with many scenes filmed in the woods at nighttime.

"I had to act with a wolf, which made me very uncomfortable!" Killian tells Independent.ie.  "It still does.  I think about it all the time!"

"And the weather was very cold and wet," adds Sarah.  "I actually can't remember.  I blocked it all out!  I just remember the good bits!"

Killian says, "It's like the Leaving Cert.  When you think back you're, 'yeah, the Leaving Cert was fine'.  At the time it was hell.  Like most shooting experiences it had a mix of everything."

As well as grappling with a wolf, Killian had to perfect an English accent.

"Sarah had to do a Dublin accent so we were both competing," he laughs.  "I had a wonderful, an incredible dialect coach, Brendan Gunn, from Belfast, who has worked with Brad Pitt and Daniel Day Lewis, and me."

"I think you make it look really easy because you're surrounded all day by Irish people so it's no mean feat to inahbit that role and that accent every day when you're surrounded by a load of Irish people," says Sarah.

Despite the physical challenges and psychological challenges of playing troubled characters, Killian says there is "a weird sort of joy of giving a character a life" and describes the job as "an embarrassment of riches".

"I would say we always felt satisfied at the end of the day, like exhausted but really satisfied with the work," adds Sarah.

The RTE and BBC co-production is drawn from Tana French's compelling Dublin Murder Squad novels and the script was written by writer Sarah Phelps.

Sarah is anxious to do Tana's books justice and is most excited about the novelist seeing the small screen adaptation.  There is also a little trepidation about how the series will be received by fans of the books.

"I think when you're a fan of a book you do have your own little version of the characters and I hope that some people feel we are the versions they might have imagined," says Killian.

Writer Phelps was hugely impressed with Sarah's audition which came early in the process.

"As soon as she opened her mouth I thought 'Cas is here!'.  All of a sudden what lived in my head and lived on the page is embodied by somebody who seems to have arrived fully formed," she tells Independent.ie.

Adapting the work of another writer comes with its own set of challenges, "especially when people are devoted to the books", says Phelps.

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"I think you have to love the book.  You have to really feel engaged in it and completely compelled and involved with the writing and the characters and the story that Tana is telling or Dickens is telling or JK Rowling is telling or Agatha Christie," she continues.

"But you also have to be aware that the read experience is not the same as the watched experience and you have to kind of balance the novel and at the same time create something new out of it while remaining true to the novel.

"That's a real challenge and I always describe it as I don't present the letter of the book - if you did that you might have 37 hours of TV and all of them would be unwatcahble - but what's the spirit of it?  So, I write the spirit of it."

Dublin Murders starts on October 14 on BBC One and October 16 on RTE One

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