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'Voice of Ireland' dance routine was too sexy for young viewers


Danica Holland on The Voice

Danica Holland on The Voice

Danica Holland on The Voice

A 'SEXUALISED' performance on RTE's 'The Voice of Ireland' featuring half-naked dancers was inappropriate for children and teenagers, the broadcasting watchdog has ruled.

The performance accompanied contestant Danica Holland's rendition of Lady Gaga's single 'Do What U Want' on Sunday, March 23.

Around 521,200 people watched the programme which aired at 6.30pm, including 62,900 children between the ages of 4 and 17, or 12.1pc of the total audience.

It was reported that some members of the live audience left the auditorium in The Helix in north Dublin during or after the routine, including one woman with her nine-year-old daughter.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) partially upheld a complaint from a woman who had been watching the programme with her young children.

The complainant was "appalled" that RTE would sanction such a dance routine at the time in question, and stated that when one of the judges likened the routine to 'a scene from Basic Instinct', it reinforced her opinion of the programme.

Producers Screentime ShinAwil claimed that public attitudes to matters of sexuality have changed dramatically in recent decades and that the programme reflected a diverse and modern Ireland.

In its ruling, the BAI said both the dance routine and song "included clear sexual overtones and in particular there were significant sexualised elements dealing with adult themes such as sexual submission, both emotional and physical".

It considered these "inappropriate for children and adolescents", some of whom "are not likely to have the maturity to assess and negotiate the boundaries of appropriate sexual behaviour", and added that the programme "did not demonstrate due care".

However, while the complainant said the programme was broadcast at a "family viewing time", the BAI said it was not classified as a children's programme due to having less than 50pc of viewers below the age of 18. RTE is now expected to broadcast the BAI's decision.

Meanwhile, the BAI rejected three complaints over comedy programme 'The Centre', which featured a transgender character and also "had a go at" overweight people, ruling it was broadcast after the 9pm watershed and wasn't discriminatory.

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