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UTV's rollercoaster of leading appointments hits a rough spot


TV3's Paul Byrne (Twitter)

TV3's Paul Byrne (Twitter)

TV3's Paul Byrne (Twitter)

UTV Ireland have poached a number of established Irish journalists to their team in recent months, but TV3's southern correspondent won't be one of them.

Journalist Paul Byrne will not be joining the recent wave of movement from Irish national media outlets to the new station.

”I was offered a position, I thought about it and weighed up the pros and cons. But I'm happy where I am," Byrne told independent.ie.

 "I was chuffed to be offered the position but I've been with TV3 since 1998 and I love my job. I love the region I work in and I'm looking forward to the year ahead."

Last month, UTV announced that Newstalk's Chris O'Donoghue will be the station's new anchor of news and current affairs programmes alongside Alison Comyn.

Broadcaster Pat Kenny will host an audience-based chat show on UTV Ireland next year, the format of which is currently in development.

Meanwhile, RTE's Paul Colgan has been appointed UTV Ireland's Economics Editor, with Mary Regan leaving the Irish Examiner to assume the Political Editor role.

UTV Ireland is due to launch next January. Byrne told independent.ie that he wishes them well in their launch.

"It's great to see some new kids on the block. Competition is the spice of life," he added.

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