Saturday 14 December 2019

Undateables’ star Steve finds happy ending as he weds girlfriend Vicky in sweet ceremony

Photographers Credit: Melissa With Love
Photographers Credit: Melissa With Love
Photographers Credit: Melissa With Love

Patricia Murphy

Fans of ‘The Undateables’ were left teary-eyed last night, as one of the stars of the show married his adoring girlfriend, despite failing to find love on the hit show.

Steve (33), who appeared on the second series of the Channel 4 hit, married his girlfriend Vicky, who he met on social media in the aftermath of the show.

Steve suffers from Crouzon Syndrome, which is a rare condition affecting the bones in the skull and face. The condition has lead to facial disfigurement which Steve admitted was offputting to potential love interests prior to meeting Vicky.

Steve said growing up with Crouzon Syndrome was difficult as he lost three siblings due to complications associated with the condition. Herevealed that he was often the victim of bullying.

“Constant name calling, bullying. I was that self-conscious, I’d put my head down and wouldn’t want people to look at us. I’d hide in the crowd," he said.

Steve went on several dates during series two of The Undateables, which features people with conditions or disorders that have made it difficult to find a partner.

Photographers Credit: Melissa With Love
Photographers Credit: Melissa With Love

"I’m a hopeless bloody romantic, I’m a soppy sod. Full stop," he said.

"Love is the most important thing to have in your life. Without love, where would we all be?"

After the show aired, Steve met Vicky on Twitter and the pair turned their virtual relationship into the real thing.

After nine months together, Steve proposed and during last night’s episode the couple celebrated their marriage.

To put the past behind him Steve wanted Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ to be the couple’s wedding song.

"I want to shake off the old me. That’s all gone. This is the new me. A brand new start."

During the episode, Steve's dad said: "I’m really proud of him. To see him married. I just want him to get married and by happy instead of all the sadness he’s had. At least one of our kids is getting that far. And then we can rest easy and say, that’s it."

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