Tuesday 20 August 2019

Twinning Streak: Sisters drawn for show 10 years apart

Sibling luck: Identical twins Rosie (left) and Maggie Collum
Sibling luck: Identical twins Rosie (left) and Maggie Collum
Jane Last

Jane Last

A Donegal twin has been selected to appear on RTE's 'Winning Streak' tonight - ten years after her identical sister went on the show.

Good luck must run in the Collum family, from Falcarragh in Co Donegal, after Maggie's name was drawn to appear on this week's show.

It comes a decade after her twin sister, Rosie, appeared in the Saturday night National Lottery game show.

Maggie has opted not to go on the show - and has turned to sister Rosie to appear on her behalf.

And Lady Luck has shone on Rosie before - she was able to purchase her Falcarragh home thanks to her winnings in 2009.

The Collum family's good fortune has got the whole county of Donegal talking - and no doubt many of them will be tuning in tonight.

Only a handful of people have had the good luck to appear twice on Winning Streak.

Earlier this month, Co Kildare woman Rosemary O'Brien appeared on the show for the second time in 18 years. Back in 2000, when it was hosted by Mike Murphy, she won £9,500 on the show.

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