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TV3 sells hit series 'Tallafornia' to UK's Channel 5





David McRedmond's TV3 has inked a deal to sell marmite reality television show Tallafornia to Richard Desmond's UK broadcaster Channel 5.

Tallafornia, cast pictured above, was a ratings hit for TV3 and follows the adventures of a bunch of young people -- including Nikita, Kelly and the Corminator -- living in Tallaght as they engage in booze- fuelled antics when not pumping iron in the gym.

The show, seen by many as Ireland's answer to MTV's Geordie Shore, was widely panned by more po-faced commentators. But the viewers switched on in droves. David Norris memorably described it as "repulsive and compulsive".

"This is the 23rd series from 3Studios in as many months, to find a home abroad. Channel 5's acquisition of Tallafornia is another example of TV3's ability to export quality home-produced series that appeal to not just a local audience in Ireland but to a broader audience internationally," according to TV3's director of content Jeff Ford.

"One of our main objectives is to expand our reach, not just as a broadcaster but as a major producer of content that appeals on a worldwide scale."

The Tallafornia deal follows on from agreements which saw Animal A&E taken up by Discovery Channel and C5 as well as 24 Hours to Kill which sold to Foxtel in Australia/New Zealand and Danger TV in the US.

Temple Street Children's Hospital, was acquired by TVN and SBS in Poland and Belgium as well as the Discovery Channel. Midwives, Bullied to Death and various other programmes such as The truth about Travellers were also acquired by Channel 5 in the UK.

TV stations and production companies may generate huge revenues from selling their own home-produced shows to foreign broadcasters.

It is thought that The Lyrics Board, which was created by Andy Ruane and Philip Kampff, was one of the most successful Irish TV exports of all time.

Nick Webb

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