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The Soapbox: Secrets and spoilers from soapland

Violence, evidence and prison visiting orders...

FAIR CITY: Wowsers, it's all kicking off in Carraigstown this week. Firstly, Michael and Niamh get a love nest across the road (awkward) and it's not long before Paul is in full-on Sloth-off-'Goonies'-mode, roarin' his bleedin' head off about getting his baby Ruh' back. Christy's left fighting for his life again after trying to get Sean's attention in the street. A 'setback' is putting it mildly. Next thing Max knows, he's Christy's full-time carer, and he's not exactly relishing the new role. Elsewhere, Robbie plants drugs in Dan's car and Carol smells a rat…

EMMERDALE: Things aren't going great for Charity this week. But does she use the time to reflect? Does she 'eck as like. Jai and Megan find the evidence they need to prove she had Declan's baby aborted. Next thing you know, Debbie and Pete are splitting up and little Noah's tucking into the wine. Instead of taking stock, Charity tells the police Megan is behind Noah's alcohol poisoning. Elsewhere, Ross leaves the village.

CORONATION STREET: Just when you thought we wouldn't be seeing much more of 'Jam', Peter finds himself back in prison after nearly dying for the umpteenth time. Luckily for Jim, Steve feels compelled to personally thank his dad for saving Peter's life, which results in him agreeing to visit him again - this time with wee Amy in tow. Liz is not amused. Her lips nearly disappear. Scheming Todd tries to put the frighteners on Tyrone, but it backfires only slightly, while the Dev, Julie and Mary menage-trois-in-the-making trundles on.

EASTENDERS: So, you're financially in the bin, and you've just had twins. What's a jack the lad to do to make ends meet?! Why, set fire to his gaf of course! This week sees Alfie purposefully chuck a ciggy in one of his own bins causing flames to claim the house. Thing is, Kat's upstairs… Phil is caught in the act - but by whom?

ROS NA RUN: Realising that John Joe isn't too fond of being covered in baby vomit or sitting on wet nappies, Jason and Lee decide it's time to start looking for their own place.

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