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Sunday 10 December 2017

'Sure won't Bill be minding her' - Pat Kenny on Hilary Clinton

Pat and Collette
Pat and Collette
Darragh McManus

Darragh McManus

Pat Kenny had one of those unfortunate moments where he channelled his inner Alan Partridge, while discussing with a guest whether Hillary was competent and qualified to run the United States on Wednesday's show.

That wasn't the only key moment from an eventful programme. Here are the five talking points from tonight's show.

“Sure won’t Bill be minding her,”

“Sure won’t Bill be minding her,” says the bould Pat – as in, if all this politics and economics stuff gets too difficult for her feeble wimminz brain, Hill can always turn to hubbie for advice.

Eh, I think even her most fanatical opponents would at least admit that Clinton is a smart, capable woman. You know that Pat doesn’t mean to be chauvinist, genuinely – but the words come out the wrong way sometimes.

More clumsy than anything, really.

Publicity stunt

Pat interviewed a few American voters in-studio, and one young woman claimed that Trump’s entire campaign was “a publicity stunt that got out of hand”.

He doesn’t actually want to win the election and become President, she reckoned. That actually makes some sense when you think about it: Trump loves the attention, the hype, the game itself.

He doesn’t want to actually work at running a country, for God’s sake.

A few people on Twitter then took this a step further with an interesting little conspiracy theory: Pauline Murphy ‏@RealPMurphy: "I'm not a tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy nut, but what if this election has been a long con? The Clintons asked Trump to run."

Buzzword bingo

Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Paschal Donohue was asked by Pat about the point of having a Budget at all. Now, the question – even to an economics dumbkopf like me – seems like a kind of stupid one. Anyway, Paschal’s answer was typical of the jargonistic, cliché-riddled non-language of the professional politician.

These terms were all used: “Fairer Ireland…better Ireland…plan in place…tackle issues…funding in place…childcare…homelessness…Brexit…additional funding…a more transparent way…to answer your question…the future…jobs and industry…deal with problems…”

Amanda Connolly (‏@tweets_amanda) commented, “Watching Paschal Donohoe on #PKTonight and seriously regretting not having my buzzword bingo at the ready.”

Oh, he’s no worse than any of the rest of them. But it’s still awful.

Rebate for first-time buyers

Construction industry lobbyist Tom Parlon and academic Lorcan Sirr had a decent old barney about this measure, introduced in the Budget. Don’t get me wrong, this was still two people jawing away about construction and house-prices and the building industry and all that jive.

But because of a wee bit of needle between the two men, it was marginally less boring than the absolute soul-murdering horror that description would suggest. PS Tom says this is “a bonanza for the exchequer”, so that’s good news, right?

Where the women at?

The accusations of chauvinism which dogged the show’s first airing were still occupying viewers’ minds.

Mairéad Farrell ‏(@Farrell_Mairead) asked, “Every time I turn on #PKTonight it's men that are being interviewed, where are all the women?”

Another one was posed by ‏@BarbaraMSmyth: “I wonder does Colette like not having a mention in the #pktonight hash tag!”

Meanwhile Mallow News‏ (@MallowNews) joked, “‘Trump’s blatant sexism is appalling!’ says Pat, as Collette walks past with his laundry.” Ouch.

And I’m assuming Pat’s abovementioned “won’t Bill mind her” line didn’t exactly help matters…

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