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Sport distilled to its raw essence of racing and betting

For dedicated punters, Galway Races was better with no people, writes Declan Lynch

If you're a maker of TV dramas or movies, this is a particularly poignant time to be alive. In theory at least, the world had finally come right for you - there were no people out there, getting in your way when you were trying to make your masterpiece. There was no traffic to be diverted, none of the usual intrusions of everyday life.

Usually if you want to make a film on the streets of New York city, you have a lot of arrangements to make, a lot of logistics. Now at last there was none of that stuff to worry about: the city was authentically deserted; you could have made any movie you wanted - if you had a movie to make.

Now the great cities of the world which normally 'resemble a film set', were actually cleared of all the regular impediments to that ideal.