Sunday 15 September 2019

Soap of the week: Fair City


The 30th anniversary special of Fair City has some shock returns
The 30th anniversary special of Fair City has some shock returns

Sheena McGinley

SPOILER ALERT! If you'd like to keep the many bombshells coming your way from Carrigstown a surprise, maybe swerve the column this week... For those still reading, there are more shock returns than you could shake a shillelagh at in this 30th anniversary special of Fair City.

There are familiar faces and feuds aplenty, with a slew of curve balls to contend with.

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There are a number of stories running concurrently, such as the one featuring Sharon, her long-lost sister Ger (aka Sharon from The Snapper), and birthday girl Hayley.

It seems Sharon isn't Hayley's birth mam, so who is? Is it gangster Ger herself? And how will Hayley react if/when she finds out? Or will she be too busy flirting with Yates to even notice the  tension at her 30th soiree? Hayley and Carol do share a 'type'... speaking of whom, Carol talks to Robbie to share yet another revelation: Andy has seen one of the industrial-school seminarians who used to beat them.

But who could it be? Only Barry O'Hanlon. He's back from his stint behind bars for manslaughter, and it's not long before Decco is lunging at him in the street. Why? Well, Barry is effectively the reason Denzo Bishop had to go on the run, due to their involvement in burying Sarah O'Leary up the Dublin Mountains.

With so many souls unhappy at O'Hanlon's return, is it any wonder he's then viciously attacked and hidden in a van? However, who is this assailant, and what do they want with him?


This week in Soapland

Fair City

With all the palaver about Renee's dress and whether it's being donated or not, it's easy to overlook the real matter at hand this critical week in Carrigstown: Sharon's freaked to see Ger rocking around Phelan's and exits quickly. Hiding her fear, Sharon scarpers, but Ger's on her tail - stealing Hayley's phone while the birthday girl flirts with Yates... Elsewhere, Phoebe chastises Will for using her to spy on Damien, while Paul is reunited with his mentor and jogging partner, Barry O'Hanlon, who's fresh out of prison for his spot of manslaughter! Will the Bishops be as happy to see him? That would be a no.


Kathy properly sticks her size sixes in it this week by cutting an increasingly unhinged Bobby off from his only lifeline - she gets house guest Imran arrested by convincing police he was about to rob the Beales. When Phil and Sharon see withdrawals from the E20's account, Phil knows Mel is behind it and cuts her off. As if that wasn't enough, Phil orders Jay to cancel Hunter's funeral altogether. With such tensions simmering, how will Mel reap her revenge?


At Butler's Barn, Mandy and Vinny desperately search for a bag... It's not long before a suspicious Chas rumbles them and discovers said bag is brimming with stolen cash and casino chips. Where did Mandy manage to wangle it from, and will its rightful owners come knocking on the Dingles' door? Jai is floored when Dan arrives with his estranged son, Archie, and the news Rachel has died (yep, another member of that family killed off), while Vanessa has a life-affirming gift for a truant Sarah.

Coronation Street

With Daniel adamant he wants to nurse Sinead till the bitter end at home, Daniel moves into the Rovers to give the Osbournes some space - leaving Jenny in a flap. Bernie is gutted when Kel leaves, blaming Paul for making him feel unwelcome, while Billy quizzes Gemma about Paul's feud with Kel (it won't take a genius to figure that out). James comes out to Bethany, Ali is still refusing help, and Derek and Izzy become a thing... Gary isn't happy.

Ros na Rún

Will Briain get caught out? Will Vince move out? Will O'Shea believe Andy?!

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