Friday 23 August 2019

Soap of the Week: Fair City


Sheena McGinley

Where there's a will, there's a way. And 'Headder' has now found a way... Prior to her brain injury, Heather was the mother of all things Machiavellian, but - often times - she wasn't 100pc aware of the repercussions of her actions.

The same subconscious pattern seeps in this week, whereby we see her trying to stop Hughie barrelling off the wagon - until she sees how it can work to her advantage. It starts innocuously enough, with Heather simply asking him if he misses having a drink - especially given the current circumstances involving his new (absent) bride Jackie, her ex-husband Pete, and all while he's spending 95pc of his time in a bar.

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This week, after another run-in with Pete (he saw Hughie and Heather hugging and presumed the obvious), Hughie leaves a message on Jackie's phone while desperate for a drink. Heather stops him just in time... this time. Then, after another run-in with Pete - who claims he's not Jackie's family - Hughie succumbs.

Heather doesn't catch him in time, but she goes out of her way to keep Bob and Renee away so that Hughie's night of drinking can be their little secret. In an ode to Groundhog Day, Pete and Hughie have another run-in on Wednesday night's episode, leading Hughie, enabled by Heather, to drink again. She then puts him to bed, but Hughie is too out of it to notice her joining him... Will someone see them? Or, worse, who will Heather tell?!

This week in Soapland


Tensions continue to be fraught between Kush and Martin - so much so that they decide to sort out their ongoing fracas in the ring. No, really, the traders are that bereft of things to do that they set up a makeshift boxing ring in the square. Blows aren't deployed, though, thanks to an opportunist taking Martin's money belt. Now, if only Kat and Stacey had some thievery to bond over. Whitney books the wedding venue, forcing Callum to feign excitement, while Honey also has wedding bells on the brain - until she has the opportunity to watch some choice CCTV footage.

Fair City

Poor Hughie. He's been playing a blinder between managing Heather's advances, surviving the stressful wedding, and all while managing a pub as a recovering alcoholic. It's all becoming a bit much, resulting in Heather pouncing on him... The weirdness between Jane, Melanie, Paul and Fiona continues, while Dean is silently disappointed when Tessa arrives for the drink wanting to talk about festival matters.

Coronation Street

Steve surreptitiously takes a booking for a unicorn party (he's dressing Tiny up as a unicorn, in case you weren't aware); Adam reminds him that it's his taxi licence appeal this afternoon. Michelle, utterly blind to the fact that her fiancé is having a baby right under her nose, busies herself by setting up Alya and Ryan (I must have missed the episode where Ryan and Bethany decided their bunk-up was a once-off). Elsewhere, Billy tells Paul he reported Marley to the police for assaulting Sean, while Nick tells the judge his brain injury made him rip off his gran. After softening Audrey, Sarah sticks the final boot in; she's had Adam draw up the paperwork to have Nick removed as a director of Underworld on the grounds he's unfit. We still don't know where Gail is, by the by.


There's nothing quite like a health scare to bring a family together. Therefore, when Pollard starts gasping for air while Jacob and David quarrel over the fake social media account, Leyla sees an opportunity for father and son to bond - there IS life after Maya! Nate continues to come between seemingly every female in the village, while Vic attempts to make plans to leave the village... but Wendy keeps getting in the way.

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