Saturday 24 August 2019

Soap of the week: Fair City


Fair City
Fair City

Sheena McGinley

Orla is on the edge. Understandably considering her son has Fanconi Anaemia and needs a bone marrow match, fast. As relatives can't oblige, Orla and Wayne have been trying for a 'saviour sibling' with Junior's birth father, Tommy Dillon. If this storyline sounds familiar, it's because Emmerdale did it about eight years ago.

Anyway, with IVF the "only option", we have been subjected to an array of awks interactions between the clinic, the mum-to-be, her pretendy husband Tommy, and his "mate" Wayne - who just kept turning up to appointments... Orla has now been given another setback in the form of fibroids. Now, the only option to create a match quickly is surrogacy. Unfortunately, there are flights, agency fees, and lawyers to consider. Now the only option is Sash Bishop. Indeed, this is where Sash's yearning for motherhood and her sudden interest in Junior merge like a shopping trolley colliding with a child. This week, Orla is in full frantic mode.

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Will Sash agree to be a surrogate? No. But then Orla tells her she can keep the resulting baby.

Then Wayne takes issue - so he barrels into negotiations armed with a blank cheque from his ma saying he'll buy the baby. As for Tommy, does he even get a say? What will Dearbhla do with two siblings she can't see?! One thing is almost certain, if Sash has the baby, she'll go full Tina McIntyre off Corrie.


This week in Soapland


We had 'Tap Dancing Ben'. Then 'Heather-Murdering Ben', followed by 'Post-Prison Gentle Ben'. Now we appear to have been graced with the presence of 'Evil Genius Ben', intent on screwing his old man out of everything he's got. Which, as it happens, isn't much. Speaking of evil offspring; Mel gets a shock at Hunter's plea hearing. Tiffany tries to make Dennis avoid the gang - but he messages Stix, leading to all manner of ma-chinations from Sharon. Chantelle is a jack in a box regarding full-time employment, and Bex really commits to the term 'lovesick'.


Another week, another opportunity for Rhona to end up doubled over in pain, alone, in some barnyard outhouse. This was not how her birthday was meant to be?! Harriet continues to be spooked when she finds her back door open and a photo smashed. She's rattled further to discover somebody's thrown red paint all over the pulpit. Could it be Dawn?! Lastly, will someone FINALLY catch Maya and Jacob simpering over each other because, honestly, I can't take much more.

Fair City

Orla continues to blow hot and cold with Dolores depending on the financial situation - which means she needs an answer from Sash about being the saviour baby's surrogate. Not content with sticking her oar in to the Molloy's business, Dearbhla now adds Doug and Erica's non-relationship status to her list of places her nose is persona non grata. Hey, at least Damien is appreciative of her efforts. Meanwhile, things get more muddled between Pete and Jackie after a burglary.

Coronation Street

Tis a bad start to the week for Carla as she refuses to visit Aidan's grave on his birthday, not wanting to see Kate. Things become increasingly bleak, especially when she receives a jarring text from the recently deceased Rana. This marks the start of Carla's breakdown as her paranoia snowballs. Gemma persuades a reluctant Chesney to enter a Mr & Mrs contest; Gary reaches new depths of depravity in order to get cash; and Nick fears the police are on to him...

Ros na Rún

Berni struggles with Jude's illness, while Máire fears unemployment.

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