Saturday 17 August 2019

Soap of the week: Emmerdale


Sheena McGinley

Not only has Victoria been staying at The Mill, she's also been through it. Actress Jessica Haywood's authentic portrayal of someone who is pressurised into inviting someone they've just met in for coffee, only to then be forced upon, is laudable.

As with survivors of abuse, Victoria has to deal with her reality PLUS everyone's reaction to it. To say she's been the only level-headed person here (apart from the haircut that is) is an understatement. Since admitting what happened after that night out, which resulted in many a horror (not just Bernice and Kerry's slow-mo raving), Vic's been unable to stay in her home and has brother Robert acting like a disgruntled toddler. The plus side is, she's pregnant.

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True, it happened under unforgivable circumstances, but she's always wanted a baby and thus decides to keep it. Just as Vic's coming to grips with her situation, Robert plastered posters declaring Lee a rapist near his work. Incensed, Lee does the typical thing - ropes his mummy in, because he can't take ownership of anything. After menacing Vic in the street, the pair then break into The Mill. At least this means we get treated to the acting chops of Susan Cookson, who has form when it comes to portraying the mother of sociopaths (she played Callum Logan's mother in Corrie). What could have been a one-off appearance will be a longer run thanks to Diane blurting that Vic is expecting. 

This week in Soapland

Coronation Street

Another week, another stint of Geoff gaslighting Yasmeen. Picking up from where we left off on Friday, Yas is devastated to discover her jewellery and photos missing and Geoff is quick to point the finger of blame at Alya’s mates. Suitably enraged, Alya doesn’t know whether to be delighted or horrified when she sees what looks like her gran’s bracelet pop out of Geoff’s pocket. Carla returns from being sectioned and is quick to gift her workforce the factray; David says if Nick can lie to the court so can he; while Paul and Sean are at each other’s throats. Steve continues dressing Tiny up as a unicorn. For realz.


Keanu’s moving into the Mitchell’s, so Ben stirs up trouble for him and Louise. Feeling pressure to earn more money, and not being a ‘thinking outside the box’ kind of guy, Keanu turns to Phil for more work. Obviously said job ends in disaster. If only Keanu knew about Kat’s stash of Phil’s funds... Max is in a faff about Rainie disappearing with all the Branning’s worldly goods, while Callum and Stuart’s dad arrives on the square.

Fair City

When Eoghan decides he doesn’t like someone, that’s it. Therefore, imagine his rage when Caddle decides to take on Johnny Green as one of her drivers, WHA? Between Dolores, Pete, Heather, Renee and poor Hughie all having an opinion on how she should act after the kiss revelation — Jackie is getting it from all sides. Melanie feeds Jane some information on Fiona, while Fiona and Paul forge an evil plan of their own — MMMUUUWWAAAHAWHAWHAW!


Diane, not being the most covert sort (something daughter Bernice inherited), manages to let slip a clanger in the heat of the moment... looks like we’ve not seen the last of Lee. Pollard gets himself into a flap over what he perceives to be a romantic exchange between Faith and Bear, while Jessie is told that human bones have been uncovered at the school — and it seems to point to one villager in particular. In other ‘news’, Sam and Lydia streak across Home Farm field for some reason, while Jacob and David etc, Maya in prison, etc, games console in an attempt to bond... Endless storyli... zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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