Wednesday 24 April 2019

Soap of the week: Emmerdale


Return: Claire King's Kim Tate character in Emmerdale
Return: Claire King's Kim Tate character in Emmerdale

Sheena McGinley

Considering hell is descending around Carla Connor (including her dodgy factory roof) over on Corrie, barely anyone is paying a sliver of attention to Amy Wyatt's return to Emmerdale - especially as it's overshadowed by Kim Tate's homecoming (played by Claire King, above).

The emotional gravitas of Amy's presence is being hampered further as she's a completely different person. She's been living in Ireland for the last five years since going on the run, and clearly, it's been a transformative experience. For those requiring (an unavoidably lengthy) recap: Amy came to the dales as a wily teen fostered by Pollard and Val as mum Kerry was in a perpetual pit of SnakeBite. Amy was then impregnated by Cain Dingle, whereupon she gave birth in the village phone box to what she thought was a stillborn. The baby wasn't dead, however. When Kyle's adoptive parents died, Amy kidnapped the toddler as she thought his adoptive grandmother, Joanie, was too old to care for him. A warrant was issued for Amy's arrest, whereupon she high-tailed it to Ireland.

Last week, in a bid to get custody of Kyle from Cain, Kerry hijacked Paddy's honeymoon to locate her daughter and returned with a brand new Amy! Obviously, the Dingles won't give up Kyle without a fight. Despite Amy being reasonable apropos Kyle, grannies Kerry and Faith are rabid bats baying for blood. So, knowing the warrant's outstanding, Faith gets Amy arrested. Will she ever get access to Kyle now?


This week in Soapland

Fair City

Ellie's meddling reaches fever point this week, culminating in Hughie accusing Jackie of literally losing her marbles. Will Renee finally realise she's got blinkers on when it comes to her granddaughter? Mondo is put out when Melanie prioritises working for Paul over Comet, while Anto (being Anto) tries bolstering his house deposit by selling his family's belongings.

Coronation Street

Michelle confides in Carla about the pregnancy test, but, as the builders have a kick about, the football hits Michelle full force in the stomach. Is everything okay? Or will Robert go on the warpath? More importantly, when is someone going to be killed by the dodgy fac'tray roof? Evelyn tries sneaking into number nine but finds a furious Tyrone laying in wait, livid at the worry she's put him through, while Lolly announces she's booked a male strip club for Kate and Rana's hen night.


Not only is she hiding in a caravan park rather than addressing her cancer, Jean is now also running out of her meds. Rainie prepares for Jack and Max's return but when Jack arrives, she is irked to learn Max is staying away for longer. And there starts the downward spiral involving booze, Stuart and quite the proposition. Also returning from sunnier climes is Phil - will he have bloodied and bruised Keanu with him? Unlikely.


Guess who's back?... Back (yet) again... Well, she wasn't going to return for just the one episode so Faith could hurl her down Home Farm's staircase, now was she? I am indeed making reference to Kim Tate. Will she manage to woo Man Friday Graham back from Megan? Desperate to stop David and Maya's date night, Jacob tells his dad Priya's stuck for a sitter, and guilt trips him into having Amba instead. Maya becomes jealous and heads out on a mission to have her way with Jacob in the village hall. After her operation as a groggy Rhona comes round, Pete's insistent that he loves her, and her and Leo are all the family he needs. But can he win Rhona around?

Ros na Rún

Máire has a new lodger, Mo pacifies Tadhg, while Gráinne and David get some good news.

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