Thursday 17 October 2019

Soap of the week: EastEnders



Sheena McGinley

Well, well, Mel... Ask for a means of revenge and you shall receive a flapping Sharon on a platter. All it took was one look between Sharon and Keanu for Mel to realise she had the Mitchells over a barrel.

This week, when Sharon realises Mel knows Phil isn't the father of her baby, she warns her off. However, then she realises Mel has more than fraught eye contact in her arsenal; she has Sharon's actual paternity test results in her possession. As Sharon pleads with Mel, the latter goes down the blackmailing route, telling her she has one day to convince Louise to move back in with Lisa.

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With pressure rising, Sharon suggests going for lunch with Keanu and Louise to talk, but then Phil invites himself along. After picking up on Sharon's behaviour, Keanu later confronts her about what's going on. Seizing the chance to get him out of the gaff, she lies, telling the swarthy mechanic she can't bear living with him any more.

I'm not entirely sure how Keanu explains this to Louise (can't imagine "your step mother can't stand living with me because she's ALSO carrying my unborn child" going down too well) but he manages to convince his gormless girlfriend to move back into Mel's with her mum.

Sharon, stupidly, thinks it's all over, but Mel has WAY more blackmailing opportunities on the horizon. Where will it end? Now that's Hunter dead, Mel has no son to lose - Sharon, on the other hand...


This week in Soapland

Fair City

Will is shocked when Mairead asks him if he's lying and is soon to swivel the tables on his beleaguered ex-Mrs. Just as he's managing to manipulate her further, his old friend - Dolores - clocks just how erratic his demeanour is. Dean and Dearbhla continue their path to an inevitable affair, while a broken-hearted Melanie tells Alex he can stay in Dublin while she heads back to Armenia... Elsewhere, Ciaran (yes, in case you didn't know, he was the 30th anniversary big reveal) reveals himself to sister Tessa.


Mel contemplates what to do about her momentous discovery (you know, that Keanu, not Phil, is the father of Sharon's unborn) and desperate for revenge on the Mitchells, enlists Lisa's help in getting Keanu's phone and setting a trap for Sharon. Mel is soon to set Sharon a task in exchange for her silence. Needless to say, it involves Louise. A nurse spots Chantelle's bruises at the hands of Gray, while Whitney gets over Callum by getting under someone else. Guess who...

Coronation Street

Ryan gets a gig in a hotel leaving Gary livid, realising the DJ is cashing in while still owing him hundreds. So, he does the productive thing and smashes up a cabinet in his shop with a metal poker. Where will Gary channel the red mist next?! And will Adam's PI get any pics?! Michael tells James he overheard his conversation with Bethany and asks outright if he's gay. Billy informs Shona that Summer phoned from school to report that Max tried to sell her his ADHD medication, while Tyrone hears Fiz telling someone she needs and misses them...


Jamie, not one to listen to mummy, rides an agitated horse straight into daughter, Millie. At the hospital Graham, demands answers from Andrea when she reveals Millie's date of birth. Is he Millie's father?! Moira and the farmhand try to make the most of their time rocking the caravan in Cain's absence but are left tense when Matty almost rumbles them. Mandy feigns pregnancy to go to an antenatal class with Paddy.

Ros na Rún

O'Shea ponders an arrest, and does Berni believe Andy's wild accusation?

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