Monday 27 May 2019

Soap of the week: EastEnders


Jean on Albert Square
Jean on Albert Square

Sheena McGinley

Sean Slater... He who was last seen hiding behind some algae while Ronnie Mitchell managed to free his wife, Roxy, from the grips of a watery grave in the middle of a frozen lake. Shame that, eight years later, both sisters drowned in pretty much the same circumstances. At least, this time, it involved a heated hotel pool... but I digress.

Rob Kazinsky, who was indeed last seen hiding behind some algae in the depths of a frozen lake - before swimming off into the darkness and towards what he hoped would be a thriving Hollywood career - is due to come back to the role which had us all sweating under the collar back in the late noughties (two words: Registry. Office). Sean had gone on the run because he'd kidnapped Roxy's daughter, Amy, after finding out that she was Jack's baby, not his. That's the long and the short of it.

Fast forward a decade and his mum, Jean (pictured), has cancer. She wants to see her son, desperately - despite their fractious and often brutally violent relationship. When is he due to return? Imminently. Well, before the end of April. This week, Jean refuses to come home, leaving Stacey fraught, and it's up to Shirley to say that the only thing her mum wants is to see her son. Stacey calls her brother, but does he respond? If EastEnders' raucous spring 2019 trailer is anything to go by, yes, he does. He even manages to collect Amy from school rocking his trademark army jacket.

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