Thursday 25 April 2019

Soap of the week: EastEnders


Tiffany returns in EastEnders
Tiffany returns in EastEnders

Sheena McGinley

Tiffany (pictured) has returned... She manages to keep under the radar for a spell (aided, no doubt, by the fact she gifted her metallic lagging jacket to Bernie when she left for "Milton Keynes"), that is until she's located lurking about Ted's flat. No surprises for guessing who sniffs her out... Indeed it is Bernie!

In her endless endeavour to save Evie (above right), Tiffany sneaks back into the flat to find a hidden stash of cash when Bernie springs and marches her mate outside. Tiffany is shaken when she spots the guy who previously attacked Evie and, clocking this, Bernadette pushes to find out what's going on. Are Evie and Tiff's lives in mortal danger?

Instead of fleeing back to mum Bianca in Milton Keynes for real this time, young Tiff decides - again - to return to Evie. Beyond concerned for her friend, Bernie spills all to Whitney and Sonia. Agreeing to lure the teen back to Chez Taylor, Tiffany is enraged to learn of Bernie's betrayal, but that doesn't stop her staying for the night under the illusion that gibbering aunt Sonia will give her the money she needs to keep Evie safe.

While Sonia seeks advice from omnipotent Uncle Jack, Tiff is busy trying to steal money and jewellery from Dot's gaff. Unsurprisingly, Sonia gives her niece a right dressing daaahn, and locks her in a room. Tiff, being wily, escapes. But where to? After Bernadette mentions Ted's flat, Whitney, Sonia and Jack rush over - but what (or who) will they find in a decrepit state?


This week in Soapland


With Phil at a loss on how to repay money laundering mate Danny, he takes Keanu up on his offer to work together. Indeed, Keanu is back, but is he having any of Sharon’s advances? Elsewhere, Denise and Kim make plans for their pop-up salon (the Blade’s set is getting a reboot) and wind up recruiting Mitch and Karen’s other offspring, Chantelle. Desperate to help Evie, Tiffany sneaks back into Ted’s flat to find a hidden stash of cash but it doesn’t take long for Bernadette to realise she’s there...

Fair City

Orla stuns Wayne by suggesting the next obvious step as their solution to having a Saviour Baby for Junior. Tommy, meanwhile, is thrilled to be of use when Orla and Wayne reveal their surrogacy plans. Cass and Nora pressure Robbie to get Carol onside so he can help with some festival or other; Will ruffles feathers when he queries Damien’s invite to Phoebe’s party; Alex has the mother of all shocks for Melanie by revealing he’s left school to work full-time at a recording studio; and Sash gets landed in it.

Coronation Street

As tributes are laid outside the factory, Carla, Nick and Gary are made aware they could be looking at a manslaughter charge if it’s proved they knew how dangerous the roof was. Meanwhile, a man rocks into Roy’s and reveals he’s Wayne Hayes, the boy Roy and Hayley fostered years ago. He also happens to be the health and safety inspector assigned to the factory collapse. Robert reappears at the bistro and is evasive about where he’s been for the last few days...


Manpreet and Rishi return with news! They’re just about to spill when Manpreet’s precious daughter Aiesha arrives — she’s been dumped and therefore coming to live with them. Naturally, Jai goes apoplectic (remember her laugh?) but he hasn’t yet heard Rishi’s additional bombshell. Tracy gets arrested for sticking up for new love Billy; Noah is frightened when he overhears a conversation between Kim and Graham; and can Vanessa stand by while Charity dates another man?

Ros na Rún

Adam is attacked, Mack worries for Katy, and Jude is accused of theft!

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