Tuesday 26 March 2019

Soap of the week: Coronation Street


Graveside drama in Coronation Street
Graveside drama in Coronation Street

Sheena McGinley

Corrie loves a good siege, or someone generally being kidnapped - be it in a basement, or a cottage, or wasteland, or an arbitrary abandoned building. Or The Bistro. They're never short of places for people to be held captive, so, for this week's hostage situation, we're being brought to the "arbitrary abandoned building" to see Clayton scare the bejaysus out of both Shona and David. But how did he get free, especially considering he was at death's door a few weeks ago?

It's the day of Clayton's dad's funeral and Shona is stunned to see Macca and one of the undertakers attack the prison guard and free Clayton who promptly flees the scene. Freaked, Shona finally tells David that she attempted to smuggle drugs into the prison to keep Clayton safe. Stunned she would put Lily and Max in such a vulnerable position, David orders her to pack and leave.

As Shona climbs into David's car, son Clayton shimmies into the back and orders her to follow his instructions. "That's not much of a hostage situation!" I hear you cry. Hang about, it proper kicks off when the police arrive and tell David that Shona and Clayton are at a derelict location. Himself and Nick race to the building to see Clayton put a knife to mum Shona's back, demanding £10k and a car or she dies. Is David about to see the second love of his life get stabbed to death by the same delinquent? Could Corrie really be that cruel? You bet...


This week in Soapland


As the new incarnations of Roxy and Ronnie, Iqra and Habiba, revel in the success of Walford East's promo event, they then get the mother of all wake-up calls when they learn Kathy is their manager - Masood has sold his share. Realising Kathy will be getting the profits, Iqra worries about her current predicament. Lewis seems to be everywhere this week (mostly in Ruby and Rainie's faces), while Kat cops why Jean's been acting more on edge than usual (that'd be her secret cancer), and Stuart doesn't know if he's coming or going.

Fair City

The epic Brennan/Bishop feud continues unabated with Paul ratcheting up his snarly level to 11. Rising to the challenge of "messin' wih' me fah-milly", Charlotte engages an accident-prone Ruth, her mobile phone, and her previous social worker. Doug tries supporting an increasingly stressed Wayne but gets it back in his face, while where there's a Will, there's a way (and lies)...

Coronation Street

Kevin returns from his holliers and informs the factory girls Gina didn't steal the money. By way of repayment, he invites her to stay. Sally will love that. With lies spiralling, Amy locked herself in the bathroom and refuses to go to her scan. Given she's stuck in a confined space, presumably she'll go into labour. David enlists Gail's help to measure a shelf for his stuffed weasel. At least he's keeping himself busy while Clayton does a runner from his dad's funeral.


Oh, 'eck, Cain - you don't get back on "talking terms" with your estranged daughter only to criticise her parenting skills. As a result, Debbie lets Kerry know she should keep Kyle away from Cain. Rhona's worried to hear her hysterectomy is imminent, especially as she's unsure where she stands with Pete. So, she asks him to move out, when what she really needs is support. Who (or, more importantly, what) will she turn to? Elsewhere, as Jacob turns 16, he's getting advances from every angle. If only he'd taken the posters off his bedroom walls!

Ros na Rún

Maeve's "sinning" causes sickness, Tadhg won't sign the separation agreement, and Dee saves Jay!

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