Saturday 19 October 2019

Soap of the week: Coronation Street


Coronation Street: A crowd gathers round the burning boat
Coronation Street: A crowd gathers round the burning boat

Sheena McGinley

My, the cobbles are a veritable drama hotbed this week. Nothing gets hotter than Peter's rocking boat, however. At the time of going to print, Peter had offered not only his shoulder but several additional body parts for Abi to siphon comfort from, in the wake of Seb's failed guardianship attempt.

After subsequent nocturnal encounters, Abi is well smitten and therefore free-falls at Peter's sudden plans to sail solo to Kefalonia (it's in Greece). After hitting the bottle and lashing out at Carla for keeping Peter dangling, Peter clocks how distraught she is and asks her to come along. Everyone's happy, right? Nay. Simon is in full surly mode at being usurped as first mate.

In a quest for calm, Peter says he can come instead as Abi means nowt to him. Seb overhears. Will he tell his mum? Obviously...

Meanwhile, Simon shows perma peripherals Aadi and Asha round the boat using a lit lamp. Leaving Simon on board, the twins extinguish said lamp and head off, before a mysterious shadow knocks it over, leading the smoking wick to ignite. As the burning boat attracts attention, the twins tell Peter that Simon is still on board. Will he rescue him in time? Presumably, as Peter then goes on the hunt for Abi, certain she started the fire as a drunken act of revenge. Thing is, it wasn't her, and with Carla deleting all the CCTV footage from outside the fact'ray, did she burn her present to Peter? Or is she protecting someone closer to home...


This week in Soapland


After finding Ray's hidden stash of money, Hunter decides to make amends with Louise and takes her shopping. When being questioned by the police, Mel freaks and ropes Jack in to be an alibi - will he back up her story? Or land Hunter in it? The Slaters prepare for Hayley's return (assuming she returns), while Jean gets bad news from the doctor and blows at Ian as he's about to head for the hills. Doctor Legg shares some poignant memories with Dot before passing; Dennis gives Tiffany the money he got from Bailey to keep Evie off her back; and Karen is on the warpath as she's not heard from Keanu.

Coronation Street

Shona finds a DVD on the doormat and is horrified to see someone filmed them whilst they slept. Carla is shocked to find Roy sleepwalking in the street (such is the mystery of his mother's ring); Simon goes full furious Frodo when he hears Peter's asked Abi to go sailing; Amy lies about her 12-week scan; and is Mary after Tyrone?

Fair City

Charlotte isn't Paul's favourite person when she lets little Ruthie go wild with her make-up before helping her to give Niamh a ring. Oisín urges her to apologise when Paul cancels their music night in Vinos, but instead of that Charlotte decides to issue a veiled threat to turn Oisín against him. Renée is taken aback by the level of Ellie's rage when she tells her she can't go to Alex's gig. Speaking of rage, Bela reveals he needs to sell the house to help Suzanne, leaving Sharon on the warpath. Elsewhere, Cass enjoys a spot of skip diving.


With the slew of evictions looming in the village, could Laurel find tenants for the pirate ship faster than expected? While it's not quite scrambling bikes in some random wood, will Ellis mow down Billie in the heat of the moment in the Dales' latest fixation with sibling spats? Paddy comes face to face with Bear Wolf, while Gabby is having a crisis as she realises how close Liv and Jacob have become - all while he's also having it away with teacher Maya.

Ros na Rún

A picture of Jason causes Katy upset, Berni has had enough of Tony, and Frances offers Cóilí Jackie a job!

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